Outdoor Dining

Select Board Outdoor Dining Policy

The expansion of outdoor dining in Needham was born out of a desire to support local restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide the community with options for safe dining. Since then, the business community and residents have expressed a strong interest in allowing outdoor dining to remain beyond the pandemic. The Select Board is currently considering a policy to outline what is required of restaurants and how the Board will review and approve applications for outdoor dining on public property. 

The Planning Board will put forward a Zoning Amendment at the October 25th Special Town Meeting that would allow outdoor dining in public parking spaces. If it is approved by Town Meeting, the Select Board policy would guide the decision-making around outdoor dining applications.  

A public comment period on the draft Select Board policy is now open. Comments will be accepted through Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Comments may be emailed to selectboard@needhamma.gov

Additional Information

09.14.21 - Memo to the Select Board re: Outdoor Dining           09.14.21 - DRAFT Applicant Checklist

09.14.21 - Presentation to the Select Board                             Proposed Zoning Change (redlined version)

09.14.21 - DRAFT Select Board Policy                                     Proposed Zoning Warrant Article (clean version)

09.14.21 - DRAFT Outdoor Dining Application