Business Listing Form

The Business Listing Form (PDF) keeps current emergency contact and key-holder information and potential hazardous materials that may be on site of the various businesses / buildings in Needham.

There is a question on the form about knox boxes. A knox box is a box that has keys to the business inside of it. The Needham Fire Department has a key to this box, (keys to the knox box must be provided by the business owner) so that the fire department may access the building in case of emergency, without having to force entry. Any business / building wishing to obtain a knox box may contact Ray Bigelow at 781-455-7579:
707 Highland Avenue
Needham, MA, 02494

He will be able to refer you to the appropriate contact for obtaining a knox box.

Questions or Comments

Please direct questions on this form to Communications Supervisor Diane L. McCarthy at 781-455-7580 ext. 310 at:
Needham Fire Department
88 Chestnut Street
Needham, MA 02492