Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Town begin snow plowing operations?
Plowing begins in Needham when there is three inches of snow and more snow is forecasted. Each snow and ice event is unique and presents different challenges. The Town’s snow program is designed to operate around the clock.

What sidewalks does the Town snowplow?
Sidewalks that are designated as school walking routes are plowed. Click here for a map of the snow plow routes.

Does the Town plow private ways?
The Town does plow some private ways for emergency access. The Town is not liable for any damages incurred on a private way from snowplowing.

Private ways that have a "blue" private sign located above the street sign are plowed.


Private ways that have a "red" private sign located above the street sign are not plowed.


Why is snow pushed in at the end of my driveway?
In order to keep roads clear and accessible, snow is pushed to the side of the road along the entire route, including driveway openings. Please take into consideration that roads may need to be widened post-storm, especially if there is more snow forecasted soon. 

Why is my road not treated with de-icing chemicals?
Priority is given to primary roads, hills, and parking lots. Our de-icing program uses a mixture of rock salt and liquid chlorides. During a snow and ice event, the Town treats 60% of roads and all Town parking lots with de-icing chemicals. Under certain weather conditions, the Town will treat all roads.

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