Highway Division


The Highway Division is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the roadway and traffic systems
  • Allowing transportation to operate in a safe and cost-effective manner
  • Planning, organizing, directing and monitoring roadways, parking lots, traffic system maintenance, and repair and construction improvements
  • Snow and ice operations

Highway Division

The Highway Division is responsible for:

  • 260 lane miles of roadway
  • 160 miles of sidewalk
  • 246 miles of grass / curbing and parking lots

The work ranges from street sweeping and pothole patching to roadway reconstruction.

Traffic Division

The Traffic Division is responsible for all of the town's active and passive traffic systems, including:

  • Traffic signal maintenance and repair
  • Traffic markings
  • Sign repair and installation
  • Parking meter repair and coin collection

Snow & Ice Program

The primary functions of the snow and ice program is to provide:

  • Chemical deicing
  • Snow plowing
  • Snow and ice removal