Sidewalk Plowing

The Town is responsible for plowing 54 miles of school designated walking routes. Sidewalk plows are deployed during a full plow event and at the discretion of the Director of Public Works.


Commercial property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from adjacent sidewalks per the Town’s By-Laws, Article 3, Violations shall result in a $50.00 fine for each offense.

Commercial Property: 

Article - Any owner, tenant, occupant or agent in charge of property used wholly or in parts for stores, offices, or other public place who places any snow or ice on a sidewalk or a street on which such store, office or public place abuts, or allows snow and ice to remain on such sidewalk for more than five hours between sunrise and sunset, shall forfeit not more than $50 for each offense. If through weather conditions, the snow and ice is evenly spread over a sidewalk and frozen and therefore difficult to remove, it may remain until it can more easily be removed. While the snow and ice remain, however, the sidewalk must be kept in safe condition by sanding or otherwise.

All Other Properties: 

Article - Any person(s) who place any snow or ice on a sidewalk or a street, shall forfeit not more than $50 for each offense

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