Lost & Found Animals

DogWhen an animal is found in Needham it is checked for a microchip. If your animal does not have a microchip, it is highly recommend looking into getting one. It could be the number one reason your beloved pet makes it home! If no chip is found it is brought to a boarding facility where it is looked over to make sure it does not need any medical care. If it seems healthy it is boarded until the owner claims it. After 10 days, if the animal is not claimed, it is vetted, vaccinated and fixed, then adopted out to a new family. All of the animals in custody are safe, warm (or cool) depending on season, well fed and spoiled.

If you have found a lost pet and have it in your custody, please let Animal Control know. It is important to keep track of who went where, even if you have found the owner. Please notify email Danielle Landry by phone 781-444-1212.

If you have lost your pet please contact Animal Control. It is very important to start spreading the word early. Hanging up signs and contacting local animal hospitals is always a good idea.

Please check the found animal page!