Animal Control


The Animal Control Officer, David Parsons, performs a variety of animal control duties. He is responsible for:

  • Helping Needham residents deal with problems caused by animals
  • Responding to complaints and concerns of the public with regard to animal disturbances
  • Enforcing town by-laws and state statues relating to animal control
  • Patroling the streets for stray or injured animals ( domestic or wildlife)
  • Providing first aid and rescue operations for injured animals
  • Responding to telephone and radio requests for emergency animal assistance

David also provides information to the public regarding the proper way to raise and treat animals, as well as what to do about wild animals.

Volunteer Opportunity: Friendly Visitor Program

We match volunteers interested in visiting seniors in their homes to share a cup of tea, read the sports page, or take a short walk.
We have a specific request for a volunteer willing to visit a senior living at a local nursing facility with his or her dog.

Touch a life and yours will be touched in return!
If interested in learning more, please contact the Council on Aging at 781-455-7555.

Do you want to help the animals in your community?
Please check out the Help page.

TruckAthletic Fields: Memorial Park & Defazio

Does your child have a soccer game? Or maybe baseball? Please leave your furry friends at home. Dogs are not allowed on these athletic fields. If an owner and dog are found on the fields, they will receive a citation. If you see a resident with their dog, politely remind them of the town by-law. Thanks for the help!


It is illegal in the State of Massachusetts to relocate wildlife.

It is also illegal to try and raise a wild animal in your home without a license from the state.