Town Stormwater Projects

Below is a list of projects that the Town has completed or plans to complete to improve stormwater infrastructure throughout Town.


YearStatusLocationDescription of Work
2002-2003CompleteDredge Sportsman PondIncrease storm water storage capacity
2007CompleteLake DriveInstall stormdrain down Lake Drive to divert some of the stormmwater going down May Street to Rosemary Lake 
2009CompleteChestnut Street Marsh to Charles RiverUpgrade structures and drainage for road reconstruction to upgrade the culvert under Chestnut Street at Eversource property
2010CompleteMBTA Culvert at ChestnutRepaired collapsed culvert under MBTA tracks to Maple Street
2010CompleteRosemary BrookStone wall repairs along brook to improve stormwater flow
2010CompleteWellesley AveAdd pipe and Install dry wells
2013CompleteBradford at ManningImprove stormdrain From GPA at Manning to Otis at Manning to increase overflow capacity
2013CompleteRosemary Glenn (Perry Drive)Brook and culvert work to Trout Pond and intall storm ceptor at Perry Drive and Marked Tree Road
2013CompleteGPA at Mary ChiltonUpgrade drain to divert stormwater away from private property
2014CompleteBroadmeadow SchoolUpgraded baseball field berm and remove exisitng pipe
2015CompleteLantern Lane Install catch basin and culvert with headwall to wetlands
2015CompleteEdgewater DriveCulvert improvements
2015CompleteGayland/Surry/Warren DrainageRoute stormdrain from Gayland to Surry and increase pipe size
2015CompleteWarren/KingsburyUpgrade drainage structures, reroute stormdraina and add check valve to control surcharging
2015CompleteMills FieldInstall pervious pavers and underdrain system  for storage and infiltration
2016CompleteMemeroial ParkUpgraded drainage at the field and parking lot install stormwater quality units
2016CompleteGreendale Ave Phase 1Improve stormdrain outfall at Cheney Street and increase pipe size to Kendrick Street.
2016CompleteNorfolk Small Diameter DrainUpgrade drain at Webster Street down Norfolk Street
2016-2017CompleteKimbal Street LotInstall cultec systems for stormwater storage and improved water quality
2017CompleteMemorial Field Field HouseUpgrade infiltration Systems for new Building
2018CompleteForest Street132 Forest Upgrades from storm washout
2018CompleteGreendale Ave Phase 2Upgrade drainage structures and pipe size from Kendrick Street to Parker Road
2019CompleteHighland at West Drainage ImprovementsUpgrade drain and install wier to control flow in flood events
2019CompleteDown Town UpgradesDivert stormwater  away from Lincoln Street
2020CompleteRosemary DredgingIncrease stormwater storage capacity and improve water quality
2021CompleteRTS Stormwater Management Install BMPs to control flow and quaity of stormwater on site
2022CompleteHarris Ave Infliltraion Divert stormwater to storage /Infiltration away from Licoln Street
2022CompleteWalker Pond Stormwater UpgradesInstall infiltration system from Walker Lane road run off to walker pond
2023CompleteConcord and Burnside Drain Phase 1Upgrade stormdrain from 12" to 24" pipe on Greendale Ave from Parker to Bennington 
2023CompleteMclead Field (Defazio) 48" DrainUpgrade existing 48" stormdrain that runs under McLeod Field to the Resivour


2023Coming Spring 2024Concord and Burnside Drain Phase 2Upgrade stormdrain from 12" to 24" pipe from Concord at Burnside to Bennington at High Street
2024Coming Spring 2024Rosemary Sluice Gate ReplacemwentReplace broken sluice gate at Rosemary dam overflow structure
2024Coming Spring 2024South Street (Charlesriver St to Chestnut)Adding infiltration along the new water line replacement route from Charlesriver Street to Chestnut Street
2024Coming Summer 2024Resivour DredgingUpgrade BMPs and dredge resivour to increase stormwater capacity and water quality
2024DesignWalker Pond Stormwater Upgrades Pase 2Upgrade outlet control structure and install headwall at inlet pipe to Walker Pond