Behavioral Intervention Program

Program Overview

Needham Youth & Family Services offers the Bullying Intervention Program for Needham youth who are referred for an educational / counseling program regarding an incident of bullying. This 10-hour program addresses the following areas of bullying:

  • Assessment
  • Education
  • Skill Building


In this portion, topics such as family history, past and current behavior, media influences, attitude towards bullying, and other risk factors are investigated. The goal is to make an accurate determination of the participants' attitude regarding bullying and likelihood of a similar incident occurring again.


This segment of the program provides information to participants regarding the definitions of bullying. Other incidents of bullying will be discussed from the news to participant's own stories. Consequences of bullying for the bully and victim will also be discussed in detail.

Skill Building

In the Skill Building phase, tools for the future such as decision-making, coping with stress and peer pressure, and future goals are identified. Program participants gain an appreciation of the dangers of bullying and learn the skills needed to make mature and responsible decisions in the future.

Additional Resources