Fleet Services Division

Services Provided

The Fleet Services Division of the Public Works Department provides service to all Public Works vehicles and equipment, including maintenance and repair of mobile communications network and administrative operation. The division performs maintenance and repair with in-house labor whenever possible.

In addition to the above, the Fleet Services Division offers the following services:

  • Performing preventative maintenance service on Public Works vehicles and equipment
  • Preparing seasonal equipment (snow equipment, leaf vacuums, mowing equipment) for use by Public Works Divisions

These services are also made available to other town departments, including the Board of Health, Park and Conservation Commission, Board of Assessors, and Building Department.

Operation Expenses

Equipment operation expense covers items such as tires, batteries, motor oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc. Maintenance expenses include welding supplies, electrical supplies, hardware, tools, etc.

Repairs would cover the more intricate types of mechanical work and pay for the cost of outside labor and contractual services.