Fleet Services Division

Purpose & Responsibilities

The Fleet Division provides maintenance and repair services to all Public Works vehicles and equipment and provides vehicle assistance and support to other Town departments.

The Division is responsible for the following:

  • Oversees the entire DPW fleet, including all administration vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, specialty construction equipment, snow equipment, and landscaping equipment
  • Performs preventative maintenance on vehicles and equipment
  • Completes repairs to vehicles and equipment as needed, through in-house mechanics and contracted services
  • Prepares seasonal equipment (i.e. snow equipment, leaf blowers, mowers) for use by all divisions each year
  • Provides emergency mechanical services during snow and weather emergencies
  • Manages the Town’s fuel supply and tracks fuel consumption by Town vehicles
  • Evaluates alternative fuel options and incorporates alternative fuel vehicles into the Town’s Fleet whenever feasible
  • Researches the most up-to-date vehicle technologies and analyzes their usefulness for all Town and School vehicles
  • Coordinates the auction and disposal of surplus vehicles and equipment