Treatment Process

Water Treatment Process

Before you turn on your tap, Needham' s state licensed operators treat Needham's water to comply with federal and state Drinking Water Regulations.

The process begins by pumping the water from the Charles River Wellfield, which consists of three sand and gravel wells approximately 95 feet deep, to the Charles River Water Treatment Facility for process. Chlorine is added to Needham's water as a precautionary measure to kill any pathogens that may be present. Chlorine levels are continuously monitored and controlled to ensure that disinfection levels are maintained in the water distribution system. Needham injects the lowest amount necessary to ensure the safety of your water without compromising taste.

The water then enters four greensand pressure vessels which filter out manganese, a naturally occurring mineral found in groundwater. The chemistry of the water is then adjusted with caustic soda. This helps reduce corrosion of lead and copper in residents household plumbing systems.

Polyphosphate, a food based additive, is injected into the water to minimize calcium from precipitating in residential hot water systems.

Finally, fluoride is added to promote dental health and reduce cavities.

All chemical injection feed systems are backed up with online analyzers. Treatment process is continuously monitored by way of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA).

Water Treatment Plant Information

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