Needham Unplugged

UnpluggedIt is so easy to get caught up into electronics. Whether it be TV, Computers, the Internet, Smart Phones, Play Station, or the Wii. These electronics are all a fun, entertaining, and a nice way to relax. The problem becomes evident when you find yourself spending two, four, six, or even eight hours a day plugged in to your electronics.

This leaves little time to be devoted to interacting with family and friends or simply engaging in a quiet activity such as reading or walking.

Getting Unplugged

Needham Unplugged is an awareness campaign to remind Needham families and residents to unplug their electronics and "plug into" each other. It is a reminder that there is more to life than what is on the other side of a plug.

Watch for announcements about activities that do not require electricity and that emphasize person-to-person interaction and health. The highlight of the program is a no-homework, no-sports, and no-activities night for Needham Public School students. In addition, there will be no town-related meetings and virtually no community and religious meetings held on that night.

2022: 20th Annual Needham Unplugged Calendar

Unplugged 2022 Calendar

For further information regarding Needham Unplugged, please email Needham Youth or call at 781-455-7500.