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N2025 Project
N2025 Project
The goal of the N2025 project is to gain a better understanding of the impact of commercial and residential growth on the Town's infrastructure, including but not limited to: traffic, transportation, water, sewer, drains, roads and bridges, technology, and school facilities; and to identify options for managing that impact. Over the years, the Town has conducted facility master plans, demographic analyses for future school needs planning, and build-out analyses for special projects and zoning initiatives. The N2025 project will provide a more complete Town-wide overview – identifying the reasonably anticipated range of commercial and residential growth by 2025, and the associated impact/pressure that may be placed on existing, planned, or prospective infrastructure by this growth and other regional trends. The review will have a baseline which includes the improvements made to Town infrastructure over the past ten years, and planned capital investment (such as the Mitchell School, the Pollard School, the School Administration Building, and the DPW Complex). Expert advice will be sought to forecast commercial and residential growth, including an analysis of any remaining larger parcels that could be subject to future development, as well as an assessment of the impact of on-going development and potential re-zoning. The final product will identify gaps that exist between expected growth and existing and planned infrastructure investment.

Memo to School Committee from Director of Financial Operations (School)
re:  FY20-34 Projected Enrollment Update

Needham Public Schools Demographic Study, December 2018
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