Why are there more weeds on the fields than in the past?
In the 1980’s and 1990’s, it was a common practice throughout the United States to spray pesticides on weeds found on athletic fields. The removal of the weeds was to provide a safer facility for children, but the pesticides added a concern for long-term health. Needham gradually reduced its reliance on pesticides and began working within an Integrated Pest Management Policy that strives to find alternative methods to eliminating weeds and pests. This policy integrates with the new State requirements at schools and day cares.

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1. How many athletic fields are in Needham?
2. Who maintains the athletic fields?
3. Why do participants pay a $5 Field Maintenance fee?
4. What kinds of projects are done with the Field Maintenance fee?
5. What are some of the successes funded by the Field Maintenance Fee?
6. What do I do if I have a maintenance question?
7. Who schedules the athletic fields?
8. Why do I pay a Field Administration Fee?
9. Are there scheduling priorities?
10. If I’m a coach and need additional practice field space, whom should I contact?
11. Why are there more weeds on the fields than in the past?
12. So, if you can’t spray the weeds, what can be done?
13. Should I be concerned about mosquitoes?
14. Are deer ticks a concern in Needham?
15. Are the droppings from Canada Geese a health problem?
16. Why are some fields closed when the rain has stopped and it is sunny out?
17. Why am I asked not to bring my dog to watch a game?
18. Why do some school sites not have trash barrels?
19. Why are the trash cans full some days?