Youth Seeking Employment: Business Setting

*Please note: At this time, Youth & Family Services has paused our local job listing services. Please check back later.

Youth seeking employment from area businesses are invited to browse our listing of current business opportunities in Needham (and in a few instances, towns contiguous to Needham). 

Job Listings: 

  • Employment listings include a description of the job, pay scale, and location, as well as a contact person
  • Please note, the following link is not updated as of summer 2022 as we have paused this service.   Job Opportunities

Additional Employment Information:

  • The Employment Program does not screen any business, application, or individual; we act simply as a clearing house and information source
  • Youth ages 14 to 17 must obtain a work permit prior to employment. (Process updated 7/31/2020

For further information regarding the Employment Program, working papers, labor laws, or other employment-related issues, please email Youth & Family Services or call 781-455-7500, ext. 267.