Public Works

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The Public Works Department plans, designs, constructs, operates, maintains, and manages all physical facilities necessary or desirable to community life.

The department promotes programs necessary for asset management and the preservation of infrastructure in order to provide for the health, safety, welfare, and convenience expected in a raised standard of living / quality of life.

Public Works employees continuously and vigilantly assure:

  • Safe and secure water and sewer facilities
  • Protection against flooding
  • Efficient waste disposal
  • Safe and adequate transportation systems
  • Accessible athletic and recreational facilities


The Needham Public Works Department renders services to all citizens in the areas of:

  • Highway maintenance and construction
  • Traffic control
  • Snow removal
  • Water supply and distribution
  • Sanitary / storm sewer construction and maintenance
  • Solid waste disposal
  • Park and forestry maintenance

The department provides its own administration, engineering, and equipment maintenance.