Step by Step Instructions on Registering for Programs

1. Go to and click on the brochure to see all of the programs and events being offered for the current season. 

2. Log in with your account information if you have already made one. If you need to make an account, click New Account.


 3. Fill out the information needed to create an account for your household. Click “Submit and Add Account Member” to add more members of your household. 


4. When adding members of your household, fill out all of the information, including their birthday and medical information. 


5.  Once your account is set up with all of its members, click “Register” or “Register Now” to start registering the members of your household for programs.


6. Next, pick which program to register for. 


7.  Choose which sessions to register for by clicking “Register Now’.


Click the white box to Register the correct member(s) of your household and then click “Add to Cart”.


9. To register for more programs, click “Continue Shopping”; to add more members, click “Return to Program”; to check out, click “Check Out”. 
 10. Click the box to sign the Participant Waiver and Release and then click “Check Out”, or “Keep Shopping” to sign up for more programs, or “Cancel Order” to cancel your order.


 11. Answer any questions about additional registration information
12. Choose a registration method (Either “Check Out Online” or “Print a Registration Form”)


13. If you choose “Check Out Online”, fill out your credit card information. If you choose “Print a Pre-registration Form”, follow the directions to print out your pre-registration form to bring to the Needham Park and Recreation office. Until payment is received, a seat in the program will not be reserved for you.