Ticks and Mosquitoes

The Norfolk County Mosquito Control District (NCMCD) operates under a system known as Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM), a mosquito control specific version of integrated pest management (IPM). This means that all viable tactics including cultural, biological, physical and chemical means are used to control mosquitoes in the most effective way possible with the least impact on the public and environment, and in the most cost-effective way. In the event that chemical control is necessary, best management practices are initiated to apply the least and most effective amount to control the adult mosquito population, greatly reducing the risk of chemical resistance and non-target effects. Included in their practices is our ongoing Surveillance Program that tracks the population of mosquitoes throughout the season that aids in our daily IMM decisions.

When source reduction cannot be accomplished and mosquito larvae are present in water sources, best management practices in IMM call for mosquito larviciding, the most cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to reduce mosquito populations.  

What to Expect from larval mosquito control: The NCMCD will utilize low-flying helicopters to ensure accurate application to the areas heightened in the green on the map below. The helicopters will need to get quite low to the surface, approximately 100 to 150 feet above the ground, and may turn around near or directly above homes.

The larvicide products used are not a liquid spray and are non-toxic to people and pets. It is only toxic to mosquito larvae. Information about the products used can be found on the NCMCD Products page on their website.

When adult mosquito populations become a serious nuisance or present a health risk, it is too late for larvicide to have any immediate effect. Thus, it is necessary to use adulticide, employing Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spraying applications. The product we use is Zenivex®, a man-made mimic of the natural plant chemical pyrethrum found in chrysanthemum flowers. 

What to expect from adult mosquito control: ULV spraying does not pose risk concerns for children, adults, or your pets. Spraying occurs between sunset and midnight and is applied with an average vehicle speed of 10 miles per hour. 

For questions and more information, please contact the NCMCD at (781) 762-3681.