NUARI Charge & Membership


The Needham Unite Against Racism Working Group is charged with: 

  1. Articulating a recommended vision for racial equity in Needham and guiding principles that will inform future actions. 
  2. Establishing protocols and practices for getting community feedback, with a specific focus on engaging Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), and others who have been marginalized due to their race or ethnicity. Strategies should be identified to keep Needham’s racial equity work informed by BIPOC input but owned by Town leadership and the broader community. 
  3. Setting up communication structures to ensure the sustainability and accountability of the Initiative. 
  4. Discussing and prioritizing other recommendations that have been submitted to the Select Board. 
  5. Making recommendation to the Select Board about future action.


Marianne Cooley, Select Board Member
Marcus Nelson, Select Board Member
Liz Lee, School Committee
Jen Howard, Needham Human Rights Committee
Jay Spencer, owner, French Press
Ramin Abrishamian, Member Needham Clergy Association
Vivian Hsu, Resident
Natasha Espada, Resident
Olutoyin Fayemi, Resident

Updated June 2021