Summer Learning


Launch into Summer Learning with STAR Net’s “Summer of Space” and National Summer Learning week with NSLA!

It will be 50 years since the first human walked on the Moon in July 2019. The Apollo 11 Moon landing inspired generations of researchers to explore the Universe from our home planet to distant galaxies. STAR Net and NASA have teamed up for a Summer of Space in partnership with CSLP’s “A Universe of Stories” program!

July 8-13 is National Summer Learning Week! Come join the National Summer Learning Association in a celebration dedicated to elevating the importance of keeping kids learning, safe, and healthy every summer, ensuring they return to school in the fall ready to succeed in the year. This year, each day will focus on a new theme: Literacy, STEM, Arts, College & Career Readiness, and Nutrition and Wellness. 

Come and see some mind melting facts about the sun!

Learn how to make a crater!

Listen to a storytime from space!

….and much more here!

More Resources:

Babies and Toddlers:

Mr. Moon: watch an animated movie and nursery song

Up, Up, Up in the Sky: watch an animated book about flying balloons

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom: song and animation about taking a rocket to the moon

Space Song: Song and animation explaining the solar system

School Age Resources:

Future Engineers: A nationwide network of resources with unique science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics challenges!

Building a Galaxy with Code – Coding with Star Wars using Blocks or JavaScript

Apollo Landing- Watch Prismatic Magic Lasers and their tribute video to the Apollo 11 Mission landing

Storytime from Space: Books being read aloud by astronauts in space!

Moon Song and Another Moon Song- fun song and animation explaining the phases of the moon

Facts about the moon from National Geographic

Information and videos of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Google Moon: Information on the Apollo Missions with a map of locations on the moon visited by astronauts and the work done on that site.

Apollo to the Moon with the Smithsonian 

Cool kid facts:  facts about all the planets and the moon.

European Space Association: Learn about space with links to articles, videos, and activities related to space. Suitable for multiple ages.

Science Kids: Tons of facts about space, planets, and the moon

NASA kids club: Games with space themes

The Planets: Learn all about our eight planets, several dwarf planets, and other space facts. Also have some fun by calculating your age and weight on other planets!

From Hidden to Modern Figures: Bios and information about women in the space program

Find out with DK! Learn about life in space, including food, experiments and much more!

Apps and games:

Alien Assignment: Encourage problem solving and discovery in this free iOS game. The Gloop family's spaceship has crashed and they need your help to repair it! Children will need to work with adults on this interactive scavenger hunt, using key problem solving skills to fix the spaceship and get the Gloop family home.  

Gizmo by Moonbeep Studios: Gizmo is a control panel for a rocketship! A lunar rover! Or even a UFO! Whatever you imagine! Grab a cardboard box, strap in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and have an adventure of your very own. 

Tinybop Space: App that lets users observe and interact with outer space while learning interesting facts and figures.

Nasa Selfies: Create your own selfies from outer space! NASA Selfies lets you put your photo in a virtual spacesuit in front of some of NASA's most captivating space images. Share these space selfies on social media, and learn about the science behind the pictures.