N2025 Project

The goal of the N2025 project is to gain a better understanding of the impact of commercial and residential growth on the Town's infrastructure, including but not limited to: traffic, transportation, water, sewer, drains, roads and bridges, technology, and school facilities; and to identify options for managing that impact. Over the years, the Town has conducted facility master plans, demographic analyses for future school needs planning, and build-out analyses for special projects and zoning initiatives. The N2025 project will provide a more complete Town-wide overview – identifying the reasonably anticipated range of commercial and residential growth by 2025, and the associated impact/pressure that may be placed on existing, planned, or prospective infrastructure by this growth and other regional trends. The review will have a baseline which includes the improvements made to Town infrastructure over the past ten years, and planned capital investment (such as the Mitchell School, the Pollard School, the School Administration Building, and the DPW Complex). Expert advice will be sought to forecast commercial and residential growth, including an analysis of any remaining larger parcels that could be subject to future development, as well as an assessment of the impact of on-going development and potential re-zoning. The final product will identify gaps that exist between expected growth and existing and planned infrastructure investment.


Needham 2025 Commercial & Residential Growth Impact Study (PDF)
Urban Partners, June 30, 2020
Appendix 1: Gateway Project Casestudies (PDF)
Appendix 2: Senior Housing in Needham (PDF)
Appendix 3: Lower Chestnut Street Development (PDF)

Memo to School Committee from Director of Financial Operations (School)
re:  FY20-34 Projected Enrollment Update (PDF)

Needham Public Schools Demographic Study, December 2018
McKibben Demographics (PDF)

Citizen Satisfaction Survey Reports

Town of Needham Chapter 40B Guidelines, October 2012

Preliminary Pedestrian Audit, Greenman-Pederson, Inc. (GPI), October 2018
"Preliminary High-Risk Crosswalk Locations"

FY2020 Capital Recommendations & Funding Sources (PDF)

Commercial & Residential Growth Impact Study Bid Documents, Feb 2019 (PDF)

Needham Spring 2013 Townwide Inflow & Infiltration Study, March 2017 (PDF)

Stormwater Master Plan, BETA Group, 2002 (PDF)

Town Water Sewer Drainage Map, All 3 Utilities, Feb 2019 (PDF)

Town Water Sewer Drainage Map, Drainage, Feb 2019 (PDF)

Town Water Sewer Drainage Map, Sewer, Feb 2019 (PDF)

Town Water Sewer Drainage Map, Water, Feb 2019 (PDF)

Needham Sewer Infiltration Investigation Phase II, March 2017
TV Inspection Report Analysis & Recommendations (PDF)

Water System Capital Improvements, Camp, Dresser & McKee, 1999 (PDF) 

128 Mixed Use District, Fiscal Profile of Multi-family Housing, March 2015 (PDF)

Final Traffic Impact Study - Gould, Central & Reservoir, BETA Group, Dec 2015 (PDF)

Land Use, Zoning & Traffic Study for the Needham Business Center,
Highland Corridor, & Wexford/Charles St Industrial District
, Goody, Clancy & Assoc, June 2001 (PDF)

Needham Center Development Plan, DiNisco Design Partnership, March 2009 (PDF)

Transportation Impact Assessment, Proposed Residential Development (110 units Chestnut St.), Vanasse & Associates Inc, April 2019 (PDF)

Parking Technical Assistance to the Town of Needham (PDF)
DHCD Massachusetts Downtown Initiative, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Assoc. Nov 2009

Camion Assoc N2 Innovation Corridor (Complete Report with Appendixes)

N2 Innovation Corridor Marketing Strategy, Camoin Assoc. June 2016 (PDF)

N2 Innovation Corridor Economic Development Strategy & Marketing Plan (PDF)
Camoin Associates June 2016

N2 Report Appendix A:  Situation Assessment

N2 Report Appendix B:  Innovation Assessment

N2 Report Appendix C:  Demographic and Economic Base Analysis

N2 Report Appendix D:  Priority Industry Analysis

N2 Report Appendix E:  Real Estate and Land Use Analysis

N2 Report Appendix F:  Peer Set Analysis

N2 Report Appendix G:  Survey and Results

Bike Plan, Approved 2002

Facility Master Plan, December 2014 (PDF)

Town of Needham Through Ways Map with Paper Streets, June 2018 (PDF) 

275 Second St 40B Residential Development Fiscal Impact Analysis, 10/14/2015 Connery Associates

275 Second Street Traffic Study, Epsilon Associates August 31, 2015 (PDF)

Transportation Impact Assessment BID Needham Hospital Expansion, August 2017

Northland Newton, VHB Response to BETA 1, February 2019

Northland Newton Traffic Peer Review Memo, BETA, March 7, 2019

The Northland Development Transportation Impact and Access Study, VHB, October 2018

The Northland Dev. Transportation Impact and Access Study Appendices

Northland Newton Transportation Implementation Plan Final Report, October 2018