Mobile Food Vendor Attachments




(All of these MUST accompany completed application. Department utilizing material is listed in parenthesis after each item. Upload only one instance of each individual item.)

1. Completed Needham Food Physical Plan and Specification Review (PDF). Form is fillable online (save it and upload with attachments) or download the form, complete and uploaded. This form will be used during the Public Health inspection. Not required for returning Mobile Food Vendors from the 2018 program.

2. Food prep area layout plan (hand drawn copies are accepted) (Health Department) 

3. Color photo of the truck in operation (Select Board and Health Department) 

4. Copy of MA Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Truck Registration (Select Board and Health Department) 

5. Copy of your truck drivers MA Drivers' License (Health Department) 

6. Copy of your Food Prep/staff member's ServSafe Food Training certificate(s) (that will be manning the establishment for the season) (Health Department) 

7. Copy of your Food Prep/staff member's Food Allergy Training certificate(s) (that will be manning the establishment for the season) (Health Department) 

8. Copy of your valid MA Hawker and Peddler License (Select Board and Health Department) 

9. Copy of your current valid Mobile Food Permit - if applicable (from the city/town the mobile food establishment is currently permitted in) (Health Department) 

10. Copy of your Commissary Permit (Health Department) 

11. Copy of your proposed Menu item list with food allergy and consumer advisory statements (PDF) (Select Board – Menu only, and Health Department) 

12. Copy of Trans Fat Free Fry Oil Nutrition Label (if applicable) (Health Department) 

13. Restroom agreement letter (Will you have an agreement with the private business nearby to utilize their restrooms that will be easily accessible?) (Health Department) 

14. Copy of Insurance Certificate Liability Certificate (Select Board) 

15. Copy of Workers Compensation Affidavit (Select Board) 

16. Copy of Invitation to Participate by Town or School Entity, if applicable (Select Board) 

17. Form FP -006 (PDF) (Fire Department)