Behind the Projects (Video Series)

The "Behind the Project" video series is produced by The Revitalization Trust Fund (NCRTF) and the Needham Channel.

View how your friends and neighbors are making a visible, lasting difference in Needham!

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Circle of Peace

circle of peace.JPG

Willet and Chadwick Wall

willett and chadwick wall.JPG

Needham Common Bike Rack

bike rack.JPG

Welcome to Needham Signs

welcome to needham.JPG

Alperin Walkway

alperin walkway.jpg

Needham Façade Revitalization

needham facade revitalization.jpg

Once Upon a Time Sculpture

once upon  a time sculpture.jpg

Claxton Field Bleachers

claxton field bleachers.jpg

Drinking Fountain

drinking fountain.jpg

Celebration Bench Project

celebration bench project.jpg

Trash Receptacles Project

trash receptacles.jpg

Symbols of Pride Banner Program

symbols of pride banner program.jpg

Celebration Archway

celebration archway.jpg