Other Benefits

Aflac - Voluntary Insurances

The Town offers an annual open enrollment for Aflac plans that are fully employee sponsored and deducted from payroll. Consider these optional plans to supplement other forms of insurance:

  • Short-Term Disability: Provides a source of income when you can’t work due to sickness or injury.
  • Accident Plan: Pays cash to you for injuries on or off the job to help with non-medical expenses.
  • Cancer Plan: Cash benefit to be used as a safety net for fighting the financial burden of cancer.
  • Hospital Indemnity: Help with everyday living expenses during your hospital stay.
  • Dental: pays benefits regardless of any other plan and has no annual deductible.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental PlanTypeMonthlyWeekly (52)Semi-Monthly (24)Weekly (38)Weekly (42)
PPO Plus - LOWIndividual $ 29.56 $  6.82 $ 14.78 $  9.33 $   8.45
Family $ 79.16 $ 18.27 $  39.58 $  25.00 $ 22.62
PPO Plus - HIGHIndividual $ 52.39 $ 12.09 $  26.20 $  16.54 $ 14.97
Family $ 140.27 $ 32.37 $  70.14 $  44.30 $  40.08

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance from EyeMed will provide subscribers an eye exam every 12 months, contacts or lenses for glasses every 12 months and frames every 12 months. Employees have the opportunity to add new or terminate each year during the annual open enrollment period for a July 1 effective date. 

EyeMed Plan TypeMonthlyWeekly (52)Semi-Monthly (24)Weekly (38)Weekly (42)
Subscriber + Spouse$13.96$3.22$6.98$4.41$3.99
Subscriber + Child(ren)$14.69$3.39$7.35$4.64$4.20
Subscriber Family$21.60$4.98$10.80$6.82$6.17

Deferred Compensation

These plans allow employees to defer a specified amount of income on a pre-tax basis. School Department employees are eligible to arrange for their own tax-sheltered annuity provider and should contact the School Department Human Resources office to inquire further. Town employees are eligible to select from the following alternatives:

Credit Union Membership/Savings Plan

Employees are eligible to join the Wellesley Credit Union and can have deductions taken from their payroll checks for some of the services offered by the Credit Union. If you have any questions, please call (781) 235-0503.

Employee Assistance Plans (EAP)

The Town’s EAP, Corporate EAP Resources, Inc. (866-635-1712 or 978-635-1712) and the School Department’s EAP, Human Relations Service (781-235-4950) offer a wide range of short-term counseling options for employees and their families. Utilization of services need not be related to work-specific issues.


CanaRx a voluntary international prescription drug program that is available to eligible Employees,  Non-Medicare eligible Retirees, and their Dependents enrolled in the HMOs or PPO plan with the West Suburban Health Group (WSHG). For full details, visit the WSHG’s website.

Good Health Gateway Diabetes Program

Completing the Gateway Diabetes program steps allows you to receive diabetes medications and most diabetic supplies for $0 co-pays (FREE to you). When you complete the program instructions, we will send you a WSHG Rx Rewards Card to use at your local, in-network pharmacy or the program specific mail order service, informed MailTM.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Flexible Spending Accounts, which allow employees to pay for dependent care and medical expenses on a pre-tax basis, are offered as an extension of the Town’s Section 125 Pre-Tax Premium Payment Plan. Under the Flexible Spending Account program, which is administered by Benefit Strategies, eligible employees may set aside a certain amount of their income (up to a maximum of $5,000) on a pre-tax basis to pay for dependent care (such as day care or elder care) and (up to a maximum of $2,850) on a pre-tax basis for approved medical & dental expenses.

The plan year for flexible spending accounts has been aligned with the Health Insurance plan year - July 1st through June 30th. Questions about the flexible spending account program may be addressed directly to Benefit Strategies at 1-888-401-3539.