From the Animals Point of View

Books From the Animal's Point of View

The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchet, Y Fiction Pratchet
 A talking cat, intelligent rats, and a strange boy cooperate in a Pied Piper scam until they try to con the wrong town and are confronted by a deadly evil rat king.

The Dark Portal (Deptford Mice) by Robin Jarvis, Y Fiction Jarvis
While on a rescue mission, a few daring mice journey below to the sewers to an evil world populated by rats who peel mice before eating them and worship the Dark Lord.

Fell by David Clement-Davies, Y Fiction Clement-Davies
In Transylvania during the Middle Ages, Fell, a lone wolf with unusual abilities, learns that his destiny is entwined with that of one human, fifteen-year-old Alina, whose mysterious origins have villagers believing she is a changeling.

Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies, Y Fiction Clement-Davies
A greatly feared, ambitious stag named Drail gathers power, names himself Lord of Herds, and sees that all the Outriders, who maintain the old ways, are murdered. Then into the herd is born a fawn called Rannoch, whose forehead bears a mark in the shape of a perfect oak leaf. Rannoch will be in great danger if Drail and his minions discover his mark. So when his secret is revealed, the youngster flees the herd in the company of a group of hinds and their fawns, and the small band makes its way into the hills, heading toward the mystical High Land. Their flight is fraught with danger and death. Drail and his forces are in hot pursuit, and encounters with men and other deer sometimes prove perilous. Maturing, Rannoch becomes the group's leader, drawing other deer to his side, and eventually he is ready to face Drail in a battle to the death.

No Time Like Show Time: a Hermux Tantamoq adventure by Michael Hoeye, Y Fiction Hoeye, Y Books on Tape Hoeye
Watchmaker-mouse Hermux Tantamoq enters the exciting and somewhat shady world of show business to investigate a mysterious blackmailer at the Varmint Theater.

Redwall (Redwall series) by Brian Jacques, Y Fiction Jacques, Y Books on CD Jacques
When the peaceful life of ancient Redwall Abbey is shattered by the arrival of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes, Matthias, a young mouse, determines to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior which, he is convinced, will help Redwall's inhabitants destroy the enemy.

The Sight by David Clement-Davies, Y Fiction Clement-Davies
In Transylvania during the Middle Ages, a pack of wolves sets out on a perilous journey to prevent their enemy--an embittered lone wolf named Morgra--from calling upon the legendary Evil One that will give her the power to control all animals.

Snakes Don't Miss Their Mothersby M.E. Kerr, Y Fiction Kerr
The animals at Critters animal shelter look forward to Christmas as well as the ever-present possibility of adoption.

Snakecharm (Kieshara series) by Amelia-Atwater-Rhodes, Y Fiction Atwater-Rhodes
The peace forged by the love between Zane and Danica, leaders of the avian and serpiente realms that had been at war for generations, is threatened by the arrival of Syfka, an ancient falcon who claims one of her people is hidden in their midst. Syfka, an ancient falcon, has arrived from Ahnmik claiming that one of her people is hidden in their midst. The falcons are more powerful than the avians and serpiente combined, and Syfka shows nothing but contempt for Zane and Danica's alliance. To Zane's horror, his own people seem just as appalled as Syfka is by the thought of a mixed-blood child becoming heir to the throne. Is Syfka's lost falcon just a ruse to stir up controversy among them? The truth lies somewhere in their tangled pasts - and the search will redefine Zane and Danica's fragile future.

The Tale of the Swamp Rat by Carter Crocker, Y Fiction Crocker
Guided by an ancient alligator, a silent young rat learns to find his own way in the drought-stricken swamp, despite having been orphaned under circumstances that sometimes cause other animals to reject him.

A Taste for Rabbit by Linda Zuckerman, Y Fiction Zuckerman
Quentin, a rabbit who lives in a walled compound run by a militaristic government, must join forces with Harry, a fox, to stop the sinister disappearances of outspoken and rebellious rabbit citizens.

Twelve Kingdoms by Fuyumi Ono, Y Graphic Ono
Except for her red hair, Yoko Nakajima is a typical, obedient Japanese high school student. Her life is fairly ordinary--that is, until Keiki, a unicorn in the guise of a young blond-haired boy, tells her that she is his master and must return to their kingdom.

Watership Down by Richard Adams, Y Fiction Adams
Chronicles the adventures of a group of rabbits searching for a safe place to establish a new warren where they can live in peace.

Wolfcry by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Y Fiction Atwater-Rhodes
Knowing that she must soon choose a mate, twenty-year-old Oliza, heir to the Wyvern throne that unites the avian and serpentine peoples, weighs the political ramifications of her choice while also longing to follow her heart.

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