Storm Drain System

Man shoveling snowOperation & Maintenance

The Water and Sewer Division personnel operate and maintain the storm drainage system, which consists of approximately 90 miles of various size pipes. In addition there is a total of 5,912 Town owned structures in the drainage system including 4,225 catch basins, 1,392 drainage manholes and 295 drainage discharges.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) conducts routine cleaning and maintenace of the storm drain system. This includes an intensive schedule of catch basin cleaning and line flushing throughout the year. The town owns a Stetco catch basin cleaner, which is utilized to clean debris and sediment from the Town's catch basins. The cleaning schedule includes 100% municipal catch basins annually with a 30% redundancy factor. Therefore each basin is cleaned once per year and 30% are cleaned a second time. Typically, catch basins are cleaned when they are 40% full of solids. Likewise, 10% of the brooks and culverts will receive light cleaning annually.

The town tracks the volume by weight of material gathered during catch basin cleanings. All of the material removed from the catch basins is transported to Needham's Transfer and Recycling Facility for handling and disposal. As a result there is a significant reduction in pollutants and solids discharged to waterways within the town. In addition, specialty equipment such as cutting tools and high pressure flushing are utilized to remove root intrusions and miscellaneous objects from the storm drain system.

How You Can Help

Residents are urged to take some time to ensure catch basins and other drainage systems on their property are clear and free from leaves, snow and other debris, to help prevent flooding. If the weather is severe, municipal operations crews will be on standby to respond to flooding on public property. DPW staff are also be in the field, checking the stormwater infrastructure and clearing leaves, snow and ice buildup from catch basins, ditches, culverts and storm pipes.

Residents who need to contact the DPW during the event should call 781-455-7550.

Stormwater Management Plan

As part of the Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) the Water and Sewer Division is responsible for inspecting, cleaning and performing repair work such as the replacement or rehabilitation of broken or collapsed pipe, catchbasins, and manholes.