Download GIS & CAD Mapping Data

Download GIS & CAD Data

The Town of Needham has posted GIS and CAD data for use by the general public and town contractors. This data is free of charge. Data downloaded from this webpage is not suitable for some Town permits and applications. Please consult the relevant department for appropriate and acceptable submission materials.

This data may be viewed in the Town of Needham WebGIS, without downloading.

2009 Features, ZIP Download
Bridges and RoadsSHPDWG
Driveways and Parking LotsSHPDWG
Painted Lines, Swimming Pools and Sports AreasSHPDWG
Decks, Patios, Towers, Walls and Railroad TracksSHPDWG
Parcels & Road Centerlines (Updated April 2019)SHPDWG
Topographic ContoursSHPDWG
Vegetation, Wetlands and WaterbodiesSHPDWG


The Town of Needham does not provide GIS/CAD advice or software support to members of the general public or Town contractors.

All files by the Town of Needham are provided "as is." Use this data at your own risk. All data is for display purposes only and should not be considered accurate or complete. The Town of Needham assumes no liability for misuse or alteration of this data.

All data is in State Plane Coordinates, Massachusetts Mainland zone, NAD83, feet.

Since the most recent mapping data was completed in April 2009, the following, large building project sites will not appear accurately in the Town's data: Williams Elementary School, High Rock School, Town Hall, Public Services Administration Building (PSAB), Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Needham Golf Club clubhouse, Center at The Heights (Senior Center). Some of these structures may be found in the MassGIS 2011-2013 Building Structures datalayer.

Your notes of errors of omission and commission are welcome and can be sent to the GIS Administrator for possible correction and inclusion in future data releases.

If a person or entity attempts to sell this data or other similar data to you, please report it to the Town of Needham GIS Administrator. This data is free of charge and available only via this website.

Massachusetts Statewide GIS Data

In addition to the data featured above, you may also download free regional and statewide data from MassGIS, the Commonwealth's statewide office of GIS.

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Please note that the Town of Needham is in no way responsible for the content or data provided by the Office of Geographic Information (MassGIS), Information Technology Division, Executive Office for Administration and Finance, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.