Stray Animals in Town

The Town of Needham has picked up several stray animals in the past few months. Normal routine would be the animal is brought to a boarding facility and is claimed within a couple of hours. The animals that are not being claimed are starting to add up.

Needham does not have an animal shelter or our own kennel. Because of this, it becomes difficult to place these animals into loving homes. A state law requires Animal Control to keep a dog for 10 days to allow the owner to claim their pet. After the 10 days a home or shelter is needed for the animal.

The state does not have a law for Animal Control or a town to keep cats for a certain amount of time. Not having a law, has made it difficult for Animal Control to pick up stray cats. Finding a shelter or foster home for the cat is very tough right now. Most shelters at this time are 100% full and can not except another cat. Spaying and neutering can help us see the number of strays decrease (please see spay and neuter for more info).

When Animal Control does pick up a stray, all efforts are made to find the owner. Needham Animal Control has great resources and can help the animal through this tough time.