Field Status

Tuesday, October 25, 2022:

Field Status

All fields are open today.  Some fields still have standing water, please avoid those areas. 

Please do not play on any fields with standing water.

Updated on 10/25/2022
AveryGrass DiamondOpen
Broadmeadow - LowerGrass DiamondOpen
Broadmeadow - UpperGrass DiamondOpen
Claxton - 1Grass DiamondOpen
Claxton - 2Grass DiamondOpen
Cricket - 1Grass MultipurposeOpen
Cricket - 2Grass MultipurposeOpen
Cricket - 60'Grass DiamondOpen
DeFazio - AsaGrass DiamondOpen
DeFazio - BrockSynthetic MultipurposeOpen
DeFazio - ConroyGrass MultipurposeOpen
DeFazio - FoundersSynthetic MultipurposeOpen
DeFazio - Green SpaceGrass MultipurposeOpen 
DeFazio - HealyGrass MultipurposeOpen 
DeFazio - McLeodGrass DiamondOpen
DeFazio - TrackSynthetic TrackOpen
DeFazio - WarnerGrass DiamondOpen
DwightGrass DiamondOpen
EliotGrass DiamondOpen
Greene's - 60'Grass DiamondOpen
Greene's - MPGrass MultipurposeOpen
High Rock - 60'Grass DiamondOpen
High Rock - MPGrass MultipurposeOpen
Memorial - 60'Synthetic DiamondOpen
Memorial - 90'Grass DiamondOpen
Memorial - MPSynthetic MultipurposeOpen
MillsGrass DiamondOpen
Mitchell - 1Grass DiamondOpen
Mitchell - 2Grass DiamondOpen
Newman - 1Grass DiamondOpen
Newman - 2Grass DiamondOpen
Newman - 3 (Cusick)Grass DiamondOpen
Newman - MPGrass MultipurposeOpen
NHS - Upper FieldGrass MultipurposeOpen
Perry Park - 60'Grass DiamondOpen
Perry Park - MPGrass MultipurposeOpen
Pollard - 60'Grass DiamondOpen
Pollard - MPGrass DiamondOpen
RiversideGrass MultipurposeOpen
Sunita WilliamsSynthetic MultipurposeOpen
Walker-GordonGrass DiamondOpen

For additional information on field permits, please email Park and Recreation at Contact your league officials for scheduling information.