Field Status

Wednesday, May 27, 2020:

Tennis courts at Mills Field, Newman Elementary and Needham High School are open to residents of Needham with a Tennis Badge for singles play. As COVID interrupted our normal spring maintenance, some tennis courts do not have all of their nets up. These will be installed in the coming weeks.

Memorial Park is the only field that is open for PASSIVE recreation.

The following restrictions are in place at all field and park locations in Needham:

  • Fields that have been identified as ’OPEN’ can be used for passive recreation from sunrise from sunset by residents of Needham. If asked, you will be required to show photo id with a valid Needham address. No lights will be turned on during Phase 1.
  • Passive recreation is identified as walking, jogging, running, bike riding on pathways (not on the green space of any field), individual yoga and tai chi.
  • Stick to your local area park or field for play.
  • If you arrive at a park or field and the Needham DPW department is working, please leave the facility to not interfere with the maintenance of the fields. Maintenance of our fields and parks is necessary to ensure our Town fields and parks remain playable in the future seasons.
  • Gatherings should be limited to people within the same household and should not exceed 10 people at a time.
  • All patrons should have a face covering with them and wear it when 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained.
  • No organized sports, no contact sports, and no activities that have shared equipment (i.e. football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball).
  • No field permits will be issued during this phase.

Violations of the social distancing standards (no more than 10 people, staying 6 feet apart from others) may result in the field or park being closed. Any organized group that violates these regulations may not be granted permits for their organization for future seasons.

The phases of re-opening our fields and parks are:

Monday, May 25 – Memorial Park, both turf and grass fields and our Tennis Courts located at Mills, Newman, and Needham High School (Please see regulations about using tennis courts)

Monday, June 1 – DeFazio Track (Please see regulations about using the track), DeFazio Brock (Turf Field), DeFazio Founders (Turf Field), Avery Field, Claxon Fields, Dwight, Mills, Perry, and Walker-Gordon.

Monday, June 8 – DeFazio Conroy (Grass Field), DeFazio Healy (Grass Field), DeFazio Warner (Grass Field) A map of DeFazio is provided below for guidance.

Monday, June 15 – Broadmeadow, Cricket, Eliot, Greene’s Field, High Rock, High School Multi-purpose, Mitchell, Newman, and Pollard.

Be advised that parks and fields are not sanitized, and any use of the public parks and fields are at the risk of the resident.