Parks & Forestry Division

Primary Functions

Provides for the care and maintenance of public shade trees, within the roadway layouts, under MGL, Chapter 87, on parkland and school property. Work includes tree pruning, removal of public trees that are deemed to be hazardous or diseased, and roadside brush control.

Conducts the annual tree planting and replacement program on public ways and setback planting on private property.

Maintains parks and athletic fields under the jurisdiction of the Park and Recreation Commission, Memorial Park Trustees, School Department, and the Board of Selectmen.

Provides support for athletic and recreational programs, including field lining, pre-season maintenance of Rosemary Pool, and community events such as 4th of July Celebration, High School Graduation, and decoration of the town's Blue Tree.

Maintains grounds at Ridge Hill Reservation for outdoor passive recreation, to the extent desired by the Conservation Commission.