Water & Sewer


The Needham Department of Public Works issues water / sewer bills. If you have a question regarding the calculation of your water / sewer charge or need to a change a mailing address, please contact the Water and Sewer Department at 781-455-7550.

If you have a question about the payment of your bill, please contact the Collector / Treasurer's office at 781-455-7500.

Residential Properties

For residential properties, water / sewer charges are based on consumption in accordance with the schedule below. Each property owner is issued a bill every three months for the previous three months use. Current water and sewer use charges are not shown on the real estate tax bill. It is only when a water / sewer bill is delinquent that it is added to a tax bill.

If delinquent charges are added to the tax bill, the charges become part of the tax and constitute a lien.

Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, water / sewer chargers are based on consumption in accordance with the schedule. Commercial property bills are issued monthly.