Water & Sewer

Posted November 29, 2023:

The Town of Needham is implementing a new billing system for water and sewer bills.  Due to unexpected technical difficulties in the conversion process, water and sewer bills were not issued during the month of October or November. The October and November water and sewer bills are not due until further notice.  

The Town has contracted with an outside vendor to find a solution to this situation as quickly as possible.  We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this matter.

The Town will provide an update about the status of water and sewer bills on Friday, December 15th.  In the meantime, please direct any questions related to water and sewer billing to DPW at 781-455-7550 extension 303 and questions related to payment or collections to the Treasurer’s office at 781-455-7500 extension 502. 


The Needham Department of Public Works issues water / sewer bills. If you have a question regarding the calculation of your water / sewer charge or need to a change a mailing address, please contact the Water and Sewer Department at 781-455-7550.

If you have a question about the payment of your bill, please contact the Collector / Treasurer's office at 781-455-7500.

Residential Properties

For residential properties, water / sewer charges are based on consumption in accordance with the schedule below. Each property owner is issued a bill every three months for the previous three months use. Current water and sewer use charges are not shown on the real estate tax bill. It is only when a water / sewer bill is delinquent that it is added to a tax bill.

If delinquent charges are added to the tax bill, the charges become part of the tax and constitute a lien.

Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, water / sewer chargers are based on consumption in accordance with the schedule. Commercial property bills are issued monthly.