Technology Advisory Board


  • The Technology Advisory Board meets monthly on Thursdays.


  • The Technology Advisory Board consists of five regular members and four ex officio members.
  • The regular members of the board shall be appointed by the Select Board to staggered three-year terms.
  • The regular members of the board shall be residents of the town who have knowledge and experience in telecommunications or information technology.
  • No employee of the town shall be a regular member of the board.
  • The Select Board shall endeavor to appoint, as one of the five regular members, one resident of the town who is serving as a member of the Cable Television Advisory Committee.
  • In the event that a vacancy occurs during a regular member's three-year term, the Select Board shall, within 90 days, appoint a successor to fill the balance of the unexpired term.
  • The ex officio members of the board shall be:
  • The board shall, annually in June, elect from among its regular members a chairman and vice-chairman, each of whom shall serve until a successor is duly elected. The chairman shall annually appoint a member to serve as secretary.

Current Members

  • Michael Mathias, Chairperson
  • Robert Dangel
  • Hugh L. Eichelberger
  • Kerry Hurwitch
  • Michael Mathias
  • Carl Rubin

General Purpose

  • To provide technical assistance to all town departments and the School Department in the formulation of technology plans and capital requests for voice, data and video systems;
  • To advise the Town Manager in the review of capital requests for voice, data, and video systems, taking into consideration the goals of maximizing efficiency and cost effectiveness, minimizing unnecessary redundancy, and insuring, to the extent possible, the compatibility of each request with other existing or proposed systems;
  • To advise the Permanent Public Building Committee on the specifications to be considered for voice, data and video systems when constructing or renovating Town Facilities; and advise the Town Manager and town departments on matters relating to information technology policy, specifically with reference to issues of security, privacy, future technology and possible provision of government services through information technology.