Brochure & Registration Timeline

Needham Park and Recreation creates three brochures per year, each describing the programs available within that program season. Brochures are emailed to those registered for the Recreation Information option, of the Notify Me feature of this website. The brochures are also posted online, 1-2 weeks prior to the first day of registration, each program season.

Seasons in the Brochure

Winter / Spring is a combined program season. The brochure is available around the last week of November. Registration for Winter / Spring typically begins in early-December.

The Summer brochure is made available to residents in late-April / early-May, with registration for all of the summer programs beginning in mid-May. Additionally, a Summer Sneak Peak of our major, 8-week programs is released prior to the full brochure for residents to have access to basic information about our summer programming earlier in the season.

The Fall brochure is available to residents by the last week of August, with registration beginning around Labor Day.

Needham Park & Recreation has Gone Green

Effective starting in the 2012 winter / spring combined program season, Needham Park and Recreation Commission program brochures were no longer automatically mailed to every Needham household.

By not printing and mailing 15,000 copies of the brochure will make it possible for us to get seasonal program information out in a more timely manner. You will now be able to view the brochure online as soon as the information is available rather waiting weeks for printing and home delivery.

We have printed a limited number of the brochures for this season and they are available at the Park and Recreation Office, the newly renovated Town Hall, Needham Public Library, Police Department and, Center at the Heights, and as always, a downloadable version will be available on our website.