Surety Bond

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If your contractor is going to be opening the road or traversing the sidewalk with heavy equipment, the contractor must deposit with the Town a Surety Bond so that the Town will be protected against loss in the event of the failure of the permit holder to complete the work or make required repairs or restoration of damages involving the work.


  • $5,000 Surety Bond, original to be filed at DPW – no copy or fax. (Applicant should contact insurance provider)
  • Completed Plot Plan (PDF) (Available plot plan information can be obtained in the Engineering Department)
  • Certificate of Insurance provided by the applicant (A "Town of Needham" as certificate holder, amounts below)

Certificate Insurance Amounts:

  • Public/General Liability: Bodily Injury:$100,000/person
  • Property Damage:$300,000/accident

Workers' Compensation if applicable.