Businesses Seeking To Hire Youth

*Please note (2022) - At this time, we have paused our services for connecting Youth age 12 to 21 who desire work in a business setting and are not listing job postings for businesses. We appreciate your understanding.


While we do not charge a fee for this program, we rely on your generous contributions in order to continue to be able to offer this valuable service to Needham businesses and youth. If you have discovered our program to be beneficial, please consider showing your appreciation in the form of a donation.

Posting a Job

Our program works as follows:

  1. If you have an opening in your work place, simply fill out the Job Posting Request Form (PDF). No information will be taken over the phone.
  2. Email Youth Services, fax, or snail mail this document back to office and we will place it on our line listings of Business Jobs For Youth.
  3. Make your description appealing to youth; type your information, fully describe the position, and set a pay rate that will get you noticed.
  4. You are fully responsible for all aspects of the interviewing and hiring process. Needham Youth Services does not screen applicants.
  5. When you have filled the position, please contact us so that we may remove your job posting; his will save you time and energy by eliminating further calls from youth.
  6. Postings are published every Monday at 12:01 am. To have your job opportunity included in a Monday posting, we must receive your information no later than Thursday at noon of the previous week.

For further information regarding the Employment Program, working papers, labor laws, or other employment-related issues, please contact by emailing Youth & Family Services or call 781-455-7500 ext. 267.