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Public Health

Prevent, Promote & Protect

The mission of the Needham Public Health Division since 1877 has been to prevent
and control the spread of disease, to address environmental issues, to promote
healthy lifestyles, and protect the public health and social well-being of all citizens,
especially the most vulnerable.

Notice of Public Hearing - Friday, December 2, 2016
4:00 PM, 500 Dedham Avenue 
Public Services Administration Building - Charles River room

Article 1:  “Regulation Affecting Smoking and the Sale and Distribution of
Tobacco Products in Needham” to rescind labeling provision and to consider
 possible lessening of penalties for non-compliance as well as a longer tolling
period and other changes to permit transfer processes and outlet density. 
View current regulation here.

Article 24:
Consideration of Article 24: “Regulation to Ensure the Sanitary
and Safe Operations of Commercial and Recreational Marijuana Establishments,
and To Minimize Community Impacts and Collateral Consequences of
Widespread Recreational Marijuana Use and Both Commercial and Personal
Marijuana Cultivation” to consider a number of regulatory provisions that govern the
operation of commercial and recreational marijuana establishments in the
Town of Needham including inspectional standards and staff training procedures.
View proposed regulation here.

Comments will be accepted at the public hearing, and also through Wednesday
November 30th in writing via electronic or postal mail.  Please send comments
to or to Public Health Department,
1471 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA 02492.

On Friday, October 21, 2016, Needham Public Health Director Timothy
Muir McDonald presented information to the Needham League of
Women Voters about MA Ballot Question  #4: the legalization of
marijuana for recreational use. Mr. McDonald presented a data-driven
presentation about current marijuana use in Needham, the state of
legalized medical marijuana and when a Needham-sited dispensary is
projected to open, and how the Town and it's departments might handle
the challenges of commercial marijuana if Ballot Question #4 is approved.
Please view the presentation

On Friday, October 21, 2016, the Needham Board of Health joined
with health and medical providers across the Commonwealth to
voice their opposition to the concept of marijuana legalization and its
incompatibility with the Town's youth substance use prevention approach
to public health.  Please view the Board of Health's policy statement

Press Release:  NEEDHAM, MA – (September 7, 2016) The Town of Needham’s
Health and Human Services Department, specifically the Divisions of Council on
Aging (COA) and Public Health, published the results of a town-wide survey to
assess the barriers to senior-friendly housing and transit. The report is the part
of a grant the Town received
from the Massachusetts Association of Health
Boards for Healthy Aging through Healthy Community Design.
  Read full report

Dumpster Maintenance Requirements
During the hot and humid summer weather, keeping up with dumpster
requirements is more important than ever! Overfilled dumpsters with
open covers and odors are common summertime public health nuisance

Please take a moment to review with your staff the following reminders
to keep your dumpster clean and maintained:

Click here to view the All Dumpster Maintenance Requirements
Stop Addiction

For information, support and resources for Opioid Addiction, please visit:

Learn2cope and MA General ARMS (Addiction Recovery
Management Service) have additional information
on support groups, resources and other links:

MA General ARMS:         

Draft Concussion Regulation:

Extreme Cold Weather Preparedness Tips

Preventing West Nile Virus and Other Mosquito Borne Illness

For more information, contact Norfolk County Mosquito Control

Important Links
Timothy McDonald
Director of Public Health

Inquiry To Health Dept.

Town Hall
1471 Highland Ave. 
Needham, MA  02492

Ph: 781-455-7500 Ext. 511
Fx: 781-455-0892

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.