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Read 03-2012
New Items to Read
March 2012
004.16 M McFedries, Paul. The complete idiot's guide to using your computer-- for seniors
004.165 I iPad for seniors : quickly start working with the user-friendly iPad.
004.165 M Muir, Nancy C. Ipad 2 all-in-one for dummies.
004.167 M Muir, Nancy C. Kindle Fire for dummies
004.167 P Proffitt, Brian. iPad for kids : using the iPad to play and learn
004.678 C Claypoole, Ted Protecting your internet identity : are you naked online?
005.26 A Android for programmers : an App-driven approach
005.36 N Nelson, Stephen L. Quicken 2012 for dummies
005.446 F Fulton, Jennifer. Windows 7 for dummies : elearning kit
005.5 M McManus, Sean Microsoft Office for the older and wiser : get up and running with office 2010 and office 2007
005.5 R Rex, Karin. Microsoft Office 2010 demystified
005.5 W Wempen, Faithe. Microsoft Office 2010 eLearning kit for dummies
005.54 H Hart-Davis, Guy. Learn Excel 2011 for Mac
005.54 W Winston, Wayne L. Microsoft Excel 2010 : data analysis and business modeling
005.72 P Padova, Ted. Adobe Acrobat X PDF bible
006.3 M MacCormick, John Nine algorithms that changed the future : the ingenious ideas that drivetoday's computers
006.686 C Carlson, Jeff. Photoshop elements 10 : for Windows and MAC OS X
006.686 G Grover, Chris Flash CS5 : the missing manual
006.686 K Kelby, Scott. The Photoshop Elements 10 book for digital photographers
006.686 O Obermeier, Barbara. Photoshop Elements 10 all-in-one for dummies
006.686 W Wooldridge, Mike. Teach yourself visually Photoshop Elements 10
006.7 A Abram, Carolyn. Facebook for dummies.
006.76 B Beighley, Lynn. Drupal for dummies
006.76 D The definitive guide to Drupal 7
006.76 H Hogbin, Emma Jane. Drupal user's guide : building and administering a successful Drupal-powered web site
133.333 J Jones, Katina Z. The everything feng shui decluttering book : simplify your environment and your life
133.8 T Targ, Russell. Reality of esp : a physicist's proof of psychic abilities.
133.9 M Moody, Raymond A. Paranormal : my life in pursuit of the afterlife
150 P The psychology book
152.4 D Davidson, Richard J. The emotional life of your brain : how its unique patterns affect the way you think, feel, and live-- and how you can change them
153.3 R Ramsland, Katherine Snap : seizing your aha! moments
153.35 L Lehrer, Jonah. Imagine : how creativity works
153.69 H Hagen, Shelly. The everything body language book
153.69 K Kuhnke, Elizabeth. Body Language for Dummies.
154.2 K Kandel, Eric R. The age of insight : the quest to understand the unconscious in art, mind, and brain : from Vienna 1900 to the present
154.63 H Hathaway, Michael R. The everything lucid dreaming book : use your dreams to solve problems, improve creativity, and understand yourself
155.232 A Archer, Dale. Better than normal : how what makes you different makes you exceptional
155.332 P Pipher, Ezekiel Bray Man on the run : helping hyper-hobbied men recognize the best things
155.412 G Hall, Karyn D. The power of validation : arming your child against bullying, peer pressure, addiction, self-harm, & out-of-control emotions
155.42 B Baucells, Manel Engineering happiness : a new approach for building a joyful life
158 J Isha Love has wings : free yourself from limiting beliefs and fall in love with life
158 S Smith, Judy. Good self, bad self : transforming your worst qualities into your biggest assets
158.1 D Duhigg, Charles. The power of habit : why we do what we do in life and business
158.2 C Campbell, Charlie. Scapegoat : a history of blaming other people
177.7 O Oliver, Joan Duncan. The meaning of nice : how compassion and civility can change your life (and the World)
200 D De Botton, Alain. Religion for atheists : a non-believer's guide to the uses of religion
200 S Smith, Huston. Huston Smith reader.
201.615 H Haidt, Jonathan. The righteous mind : why good people are divided by politics and religion
202.3 T Tompkins, Ptolemy. Modern book of the dead : a revolutionary new perspective on death, the soul, and what really happens in the life to come
248.4 S Sleeth, Nancy. Almost Amish : one woman's quest for a slower, simpler, more sustainablelife
261.7 R Robison, James Indivisible : restoring faith, family, and freedom before it's too late
261.8 S Sider, Ronald J. Fixing the moral deficit : a balanced way to balance the budget
271.97 H Hitchens, Christophe Missionary position.
291.4 D Davis, John (John V. The diamond approach : an introduction to the teachings of A.H. Almaas
294.3443 N Nhat Hanh, Thich. Making space : creating a home meditation practice
294.3444 R Rinpoche, Tsoknyi. Open heart, open mind: awakening the power of essence love.
294.5 E Eck, Diana L. India : a sacred geography
296.396 S Schoeman, Roy H. Salvation is from the Jews (John 4:22) : the role of Judaism in salvation history from Abraham to the Second Coming
302.14 S Sennett, Richard Together : the rituals, pleasures, and politics of cooperation
303.32 G Guillain, Charlotte. Coping with bullying
303.483 R Rosen, Larry D. iDisorder : understanding our dependency on technology and overcoming our addiction
303.69 F Frame, Roger. Don't carve the turkey with a chainsaw : resolving family conflict.
304.28 H Hengeveld, Rob. Wasted world : how our consumption challenges the planet
305.235 K Kilpatrick, Haley. The drama years : real girls talk about surviving middle school -- bullies, brands, body image, and more
305.235 K Kilpatrick, Haley. The drama years : real girls talk about surviving middle school -- bullies, brands, body image, and more
305.31 S Sussman, Herbert L. Masculine identities : the history and meaniings of manliness.
305.4 M Mundy, Liza The richer sex : how the new majority of female breadwinners is transforming sex, love, and family
305.8927 A The Arab Americans
306.09 S Shadid, Anthony. House of stone : a memoir of home, family, and a lost Middle East
306.2 M Maddow, Rachel. Drift : the unmooring of American military power
306.44 L Little, Elizabeth. Trip of the tongue : cross-country travels in search of America's languages
306.736 B Billieon, Maxwell an Death of the cheating man.
306.76 V Vaccaro, Annemarie. Safe places : making schools and communities welcoming to LGBT youth.
306.815 K Klinenberg, Eric. Going solo : the extraordinary rise and surprising appeal of living alone
306.874 G Gross, Gretchen But dad! : a survival guide for single fathers of tween and teen daughters
306.874 L Lamott, Anne. Some assembly required : a journal of my son's first son
306.8742 W Wilkinson, Jay. Dear Jay, love dad : Bud Wilkinson's letters to his son
306.8743 E Enright, Anne Making babies : stumbling into motherhood
320.52 L Leahy, Michael Patri Covenant of liberty : the ideological origins of the Tea Party movement
320.5409 B Beinart, Peter. The crisis of Zionism
322.3 R Rothkopf, David J. ( Power, Inc. : the epic rivalry between big business and government-- andthe reckoning that lies ahead
323.1 M Meyer, Karl Ernest. Pax ethnica : where and how diversity succeeds
327.1 B Brzezinski, Zbigniew Strategic vision : America and the crisis of global power
327.5491 R Rashid, Ahmed. Pakistan on the brink : the future of America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan
327.73 K Kagan, Robert. The world America made
330.9 C Coggan, Philip. Paper promises: debt, money, and the new world order.
330.973 R Roberts, Alasdair (A America's first Great Depression : economic crisis and political disorder after the Panic of 1837
331.763 F Frank, Matthew Gavin Pot farm
332.024 B Bodie, Zvi. Risk less and prosper : your guide to safer investing
332.024 V Vanderkam, Laura. All the money in the world : what the happiest people know about gettingand spending
332.09 B Barth, James R. Guardians of finance : making regulators work for us
332.4 W Wolman, David. The end of money : counterfeiters, preachers, techies, dreamers-and the coming cashless society
332.6 B Brown, Joshua. Backstage Wall Street : an insider's guide to knowing who to trust, who to run from, and how to maximize your investments
333.7 K Klare, Michael T. The race for what's left : the global scramble for the world's last resources
333.72 L Lanza, Michael. Before they're gone : a family's year-long quest to explore America's most endangered national parks
333.79 L Lovins, Amory B. Reinventing fire : bold business solutions for the new energy era
333.7924 M Mahaffey, James A. The history of nuclear power
335 S Savage, Michael Trickle down tyranny : crushing Obama's dream of the socialist states ofAmerica
336.2 B Bartlett, Bruce R. The benefit and the burden : tax reform--why we need it and what it willtake
336.73 R Rasmussen, Scott W. The people's money : how voters would balance the budget and eliminate the federal debt
338 C Cowen, Tyler. The great stagnation : how America ate all the low-hanging fruit of modern history, got sick, and will (eventually) feel better
338.3727 H Hilborn, Ray Overfishing : what everyone needs to know
342.73 T Tanenhaus, David Spi The constitutional rights of children : in re Gault and juvenile justice
342.7308 F Free speech and expression.
343.7309 S Social networking.
344.7301 S Sack, Steven Mitchel The employee rights handbook : effective legal strategies to protect your job from interview to pink slip
344.7301 S Steingold, Fred. The employer's legal handbook
345.7305 B The criminal law handbook : know your rights, survive the system
345.757 B Bonner, Raymond. Anatomy of injustice : a murder case gone wrong
346.017 N Nolo's essential guide to child custody and support
346.043 E Elias, Stephen. The foreclosure survival guide : keep your house or walk away with moneyin your pocket
346.054 Q Quicken WillMaker plus 2012 : book & software kit
346.064 E Every nonprofit's tax guide : how to keep your tax-exempt status & avoidIRS problems.
346.064 H How to form a nonprofit corporation.
347.055 O 101 law forms for personal use.
355.424 G Goodavage, Maria Soldier dogs : the untold story of America's canine heroes
356.16 F Fredriksen, John C. Fighting elites : a history of U.S. special forces.
359.93 S Sharp, David H. The CIA's greatest covert operation : inside the daring mission to recover a nuclear-armed Soviet sub
362.11 M McGuckin, Maryanne. The patient survival guide : 8 simple solutions to prevent hospital- andhealthcare-associated infections
362.196 M Moorjani, Anita Dying to be me : my journey from cancer, to near death, to true healing
362.29 L Lewis, Marc D. Memoirs of an addicted brain : a neuroscientist examines his former lifeon drugs
362.295 M Marijuana.
363.1251 D Distracted driving.
363.1799 M Mahaffey, James A. Nuclear accidents and disasters
363.7 W Scardina, Julie. Wildlife heroes : 40 leading conservationists and the animals they are committed to saving
363.7382 BP BP oil spill.
363.7382 L Lustgarten, Abrahm. Run to failure : BP and the making of the Deepwater Horizon disaster
364.36 M Mays, G. Larry. Do the crime, do the time : juvenile criminals and adult justice in the American court system.
365.45 H Harden, Blaine. Escape from Camp 14 : one man's remarkable odyssey from North Korea to freedom in the West
370.152 G Gardner, Howard The unschooled mind : how children think and how schools should teach
371.4 B Best jobs for the 21st century.
371.4 L Lenburg, Jeff. Career opportunities in animation
371.4 R Ruck, Janet M. Find your federal job fit
371.782 C Cyberbullying
371.782 D Dragan, Edward F. The bully action guide : how to help your child and get your school to listen
371.782 S Strauss, Susan Sexual harassment and bullying : a guide to keeping kids safe and holding schools accountable
381.34 S Selden, Charles J. Consumerist manifesto handbook : the guerilla's guide to making corporations pay for faulty goods, substandard services, and broken promises.
384 G Gertner, Jon. The idea factory : Bell Labs and the great age of American innovation
395.52 M Martin, Jeanette S. Global business etiquette : a guide to international communication and customs.
400 E Everett, Daniel Leon Language : the cultural tool
420.9 C Crystal, David The story of English in 100 words
458 S Rick Steves' Italian phrase book & dictionary.
468 R The Rough Guide Mexican Spanish phrasebook.
491.7 R The Rough Guide Russian phrasebook.
491.85 R Rough Guides. Rough guide Polish phrasebook.
496.392 R The rough guide Swahili phrasebook.
508.3163 T Thurston, Harry The Atlantic coast : a natural history
510 S Stewart, Ian. In pursuit of the unknown : 17 equations that changed the world.
516.24 F Fotiyeva, Izolda. Complete idiot's guide to trigonometry.
530 A Angelo, Joseph A. Quantifying matter
572.86 J Jones, Phill The genetic code
577.22 M Mann, Michael E. The hockey stick and the climate wars : dispatches from the front lines
582.16 R Russell, Tony. Smithsonian nature guide : trees.
597.96 S Stafford, Peter. Snakes.
598 Z Zickefoose, Julie. The bluebird effect : uncommon bonds with common birds
598.9 E Early, Chris G. Hawks and owls of eastern north Ameica.
599.938 S Stringer, Chris Lone survivors : how we came to be the only humans on earth
599.938 W Wilson, Edward O. The social conquest of earth
610 M Mincolla, Mark. Customized healing : blending the best of eastern and western medicine.
610 T Teresi, Dick. The undead : organ harvesting, the ice-water test, beating heart cadavers : how medicine is blurring the line between life and death
610.73 N NCLEX-RN practice questions : NCLEX practice tests & exam review for theNational Council Licensure Examination for Practical [i.e. Registered] Nurses.
613 A Agus, David The end of illness
613 A Amen, Daniel G. Use your brain to change your age : secrets to look, feel, and think younger every day
613.0424 M Mitchell, Deborah R. The women's pill book : your complete guide to prescription and over-the-counter medications
613.28 H Hyman, Mark The blood sugar solution : the ultrahealthy program for losing weight, preventing disease, and feeling great now!
613.69 B Bedford, Lisa. Survival mom : how to prepare your family for everyday disasters and worst-case scenarios
613.7046 B Broad, William J. The science of yoga : the risks and the rewards
613.7046 B Broad, William J. The science of yoga : the risks and the rewards
613.7046 S Stiles, Tara. Yoga cures : simple routines to conquer over 50 common ailments and livepain-free
613.71 K Karter, Karon. The complete idiot's guide to Pilates on the mat
614.47 H Hoyt, Kendall Long shot : vaccines for national defense
615.321 B Balch, Phyllis A. Prescription for herbal healing : an easy-to-use A-to-Z reference to hundreds of common disorders and their herbal remedies
615.321 N National Geographic guide to medicinal herbs : the world's most effective healing plants
615.538 M McIntyre, Anne. Ayurveda bible : the definitive guide to Ayurveda healing.
615.8588 H Herbert, Martha R. The autism revolution : whole-body strategies for making life all it canbe
616.029 B Byock, Ira. The best care possible : a physician's quest to transform care through the end of life
616.12 D DeBakey, Michael. Living heart in the 21st century.
616.12 O Oz, Mehmet Healing from the heart : a leading heart surgeon combines eastern and western traditions to create the medicine of the future
616.132 B Benson, Herbert The relaxation response
616.342 N Newman, Alvin The essential IBS book : understanding and managing irritable bowel syndrome & functional dyspepsia
616.344 S Saibil, Fredric G. Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis : everything you need to know : the complete practical guide
616.8521 K Krippner, Stanley Post-traumatic stress disorder
616.8522 W Wortmann, Fletcher. Triggered.
616.8582 A Allman, Toney. Self-injury.
616.8588 R Riley-Hall, Eileen. Parenting girls on the autism spectrum : overcoming the challenges and celebrating the gifts
616.8588 S Sicile-Kira, Chantal A full life with autism : from learning to forming relationships to achieving independence
616.85882 F Finland, Glen. Next stop: a son with autism grows up.
616.85882 W Winslet, Kate. The golden hat : talking back to autism
616.8589 F Forgan, James W. Raising boys with ADHD : secrets to parenting healthy, happy sons
616.8918 B Bell Barnett, Kaitli Dosed : the medication generation grows up
618.4 S Shanley, Laura Kapla Unassisted childbirth.
618.92 D Drugging our children : how profiteers are pushing antipsychotics on ouryoungest, and what we can do to stop it.
618.92 E Etherington, Natasha Gardening for children with autism spectrum disorders and special educational needs : engaging with nature to combat anxiety, promote sensory integration and build social skills.
621.483 M Mahaffey, James A. Nuclear fission reactors
621.484 M Mahaffey, James A. Fusion
623.88 P Pawson, Des. Knots : the complete visual guide
629.229 M MacKay, Jenny Electric cars
629.4 T Tyson, Neil deGrasse Space chronicles : facing the ultimate frontier
630.977 F Friend, Catherine. Sheepish : two women, fifty sheep, and enough wool to save the planet
632 F Flowerdew, Bob. Simple green pest and disease control.
636.1 S Stutz, Birgit The rescue of Belle and Sundance : one town's incredible race to save two abandonded horses
636.7 H Hodgson, Sarah. Puppies for dummies
636.7 T Top dog.
640 F Fraser, Kathleen When I'm gone : practical notes for those you leave behind
640 R Reid, Terri. The everything guide to living off the grid : a back-to-basics manual for independent living
640.73 G Gordon, rachel. Complete idiot's guide to couponing.
640.73 J Jennings, Melissa, a Savvy saving : couponing secrets from the stockpiling moms
641.5 D De Laurentiis, Giada Weeknights with Giada : quick and simple recipes to revamp dinner
641.5 F Food network magazine's 1,000 easy meals : super fun food for every day
641.5 K Koenig, Debbie. Parents need to eat too.
641.5 R Ramsay, Gordon. Gordon Ramsay's fast food.
641.5 S Simple weeknight favorites : more than 200 no-fuss, foolproof meals
641.5622 E Elliott, Renee J. Me, you and the kids too.
641.5636 C Coscarelli, Chloe. Chloe's kitchen : 125 easy, delicious recipes for making the food you love the vegan way
641.5636 T Terry, Bryant The inspired vegan : seasonal ingredients, creative recipes, mouthwatering menus
641.5944 C Calder, Laura. Dinner chez moi : the fine art of feeding friends.
641.631 H Harlan, Jessica. Quinoa cuisine : 150 creative recipes for super-nutritious, amazingly delicious dishes.
641.631 P Patten, Rena. Cooking with quinoa : the supergrain
641.6565 D Dragonwagon, Crescen Bean by bean : [a cookbook : more than 200 recipes for fresh beans, dried beans, cool beans, hot beans, savory beans-- even sweet beans!]
641.662 P Pierson, Stephanie. The brisket book : a love story with recipes
641.692 F Fearnley-Whittingsta The River Cottage fish book : the definitive guide to sourcing and cooking sustainable fish and shellfish
641.71 S Sember, Brette. Muffin tin cookbook.
641.862 C Cross, Jessie. Slushed : more than 150 frozen, boozy treats for the coolest happy hour ever.
643.12 H Holmes, Mike. Holmes inspection : the essential guide for every homeowner, buyer and seller.
644 R Rehfeld, Barry J. Home sweet zero energy home : what it takes to develop great homes that won't cost anything to heat, cool or light up, without going broke or crazy
646.79 T Taylor, Roberta K. The couple's retirement puzzle: 10 must-have conversations for transitioning to the second half of life
649.122 B Bialik, Mayim. Beyond the sling : a real-life guide to raising confident, loving children the attachment parenting way
649.122 M McAllister, Rallie. Mommy MD guide to your baby's first year : tips that 70 doctors who are also mothers use during their babies' first year.
649.152 E Easy to love but hard to raise : real parents, challenging kids, true stories
650.1 M Malhotra, Deepak I moved your cheese : for those who refuse to live as mice in someone else's maze
650.14 A Alba, Jason. I'm On LinkedIn Now What???
650.14 E Enelow, Wendy S. Expert resumes for managers and executives
650.14 G Gunelius, Susan. Complete idiot's guide to linkedin.
650.14 K Kurtzberg, Terri R. Essentials of job negotiations : proven strategies for getting what you want.
650.14 M Merritt, Jennifer. Wall Street Journal guide to building your career.
650.14 S Schultze, Quentin J. Resume 101 : a student and recent-grad guide to crafting resumes and cover letters that land jobs
650.14 S Shatkin, Laurence. 150 best jobs for a secure future
658.11 C The complete idiot's guide to starting your own business.
658.3 N The nonprofit's guide to human resources.
658.4 R Rezvani, Selena. Pushback: how smart women ask- and stand up- for what they want.
658.872 A Abernethy, Jennifer. Complete idiot's guide to social media marketing.
658.872 P Porterfield, Amy. Facebook marketing all-in-one for dummies
659.1 B Blakeman, Robyn. Advertising campaign design : just the essentials.
659.1 H How does advertising impact teen behavior?
659.1 H How does advertising impact teen behavior?
681 C Gilbert, Richard. Complete guide to watches.
683.83 T Thwaites, Thomas The toaster project : or A heroic attempt to build a simple electric appliance from scratch
684.08 G Gibbs, Nick. The real wood bible : the complete illustrated guide to choosing and using 100 decorative woods
700.71 M The muses go to school : inspiring stories about the importance of arts in education
701.85 S Sherin, Aaris. Design elements, color fundamentals : a graphic style manual for understanding how color impacts design
702.8 S Shaw, Mary Beth. Flavor for mixed media : a feast of techniques for tecture, color and layers
704 J Julien, Nadia. Mammoth book of lost symbols.
712 J Jones, Andrea. Garden source : inspirational design ideas for gardens and landscapes.
712.0952 M Mansfield, Stephen. Japan's master gardens.
739.27 B Bone, Elizabeth. Silversmithing for jewelry makers : a handbook of techniques and surfacetreatments
739.27 M Mitchell, Karen. Bead jewelry 101 : a workshop in a book
739.27 W Wood, Dorothy. The bead jewelry bible
741.5 D Davis, Jim. Garfield Left Speechless.
741.5 N Noomin, Diane. Glitz-2-go.
745.5 D Doh, Jenny. Creative pilgrimage : an exploration of artful gatherings and discovery of innovative art techniques
745.5 S Schofield, Jo. The stick book : loads of things you can make or do with a stick
745.582 F Fitzgerald, Diane. Diane Fitzgerald's shaped beadwork : dimensional jewelry with peyote stitch
745.92 P Pryke, Paula. Everyday flowers : flowers to beautify and decorate the home
746.43 M Montgomerie, Claire. Knitting encyclopedia : a comprehensive guide for all knitters.
746.432 F Fassett, Kaffe. Knitting with the color guys : inspiration, ideas, and projects from theKaffe Fassett Studio
746.432 M McIver, Sandra. Knit, swirl! : uniquely flattering one piece, one seam swirl jackets
746.432 R Radcliffe, Margaret Circular knitting workshop
746.432 Z Zimmermann, Elizabet Knit one knit all : Elizabeth Zimmermann's garter stitch designs
746.46 L Lintott, Pam. Jelly roll sampler quilts : 10 stunning sampler quilts to make from 50 patchwork blocks
746.46 N Nyberg, Amanda Jean Sunday morning quilts : 16 modern scrap projects : sort, store, and use every last bit of your treasured fabrics
746.5 F Fitzgerald, Diane. Diane Fitzgerald's Faborite Beading Projects.
746.92 K Kidner, Lisa. Classic rock t-shirts : over 400 vintage tees from the '70s and '80s.
747.1 H Hughes, Amy R. This old house salvage-style projects
751.73 G Gastman, Roger. The history of American graffiti
759.13 Pollock T Toynton, Evelyn. Jackson Pollock.
770.944 S Saint-Cyr, Agnes de Brassai in America, 1957.
778.7 M Miotke, Jim. BetterPhoto guide to photographing light.
778.72 K Kelby, Scott. Photo recipes live : behind the scenes. Part 2, Your guide to todays most popular lighting techniques
778.934 B Benson, Matthew. Photographic garden : mastering the art of digital garden photography.
780 K Krause, Bernard L. The great animal orchestra : finding the origins of music in the world'swild places
780.9 M Moody, Rick. On celestial music : and other adventures in listening
781.11 W Wong, Lisa. Scales to Scalpels.
781.542 C Caps, John. Henry Mancini : reinventing film music
781.66 J Jovanovic, Rob. Seeing the light: inside...
788.8 J Jacobson, Marion S. Squeeze this! : a cultural history of the accordion in America
791.437 S Santopietro, Tom. The Godfather effect : changing Hollywood, America, and me
791.4372 E Egan, Kate. World of the Hunger Games.
791.45 F Fellowes, Jessica. The world of Downton Abbey
793.2 S Spelling, Tori. Celebratori : unleashing your inner party planner to entertain friends and family.
793.3 R Rajakumar, Mohanalak Hip hop dance
796.077 E Ehrmann, Joe. InSideOut coaching : how sports can transform lives
796.083 H Hyman, Mark. The most expensive game in town : the rising cost of youth sports and the toll on today's families
796.323 Y Yardley, Jim Brave Dragons : a Chinese basketball team, an American coach, and two cultures clashing
796.332 L Luchs, Josh. Illegal procedure : a sports agent comes clean on the dirty business of college football
796.352 D Dodson, James. American triumvirate.
796.352 H Haney, Hank. Big miss : my years coaching Tiger Woods.
796.352 H Hartman, Robert. Tales from Pinehurst : stories from the mecca of American golf.
796.357 C Chattman, Jon. I love the Red Sox, I hate the Yankees.
796.357 P Powers, John Fenway Park : a salute to the coolest, cruelest, longest-running Major League ballpark in America
796.357 W Wendel, Tim. Summer of '68 : the season that changed baseball-- and America-- forever
796.42 D Dreyer, Danny. Chi marathon : the breakthrough natural running program for a pain-free half-marathon and marathon
796.522 H Herr, Patricia Ellis Up : a mother and daughter's peakbagging adventure
796.72 A Arute, Jack. Tales from the Indianapolis 500 : a collection of the greatest Indy 500 stories ever told.
796.91 L Lawrence, Kelli. Skating on air : the broadcast history of an Olympic marquee sport
797.32 B Booth, Douglas. Surfing : the ultimate guide.
798.4 C Clee, Nicholas. Eclipse : the horse that changed racing history forever
808.02 D D'Agata, John The lifespan of a fact
808.83 M Mumbai noir
811 G Gilbert, Jack Collected poems
811.08 W Words of protest, words of freedom : poetry of the American civil rightsmovement and era : an anthology.
814 R Robinson, Marilynne. When I was a child I read books
817 B Black, Michael Ian. You're not doing it right : tales of marriage, sex, death, and other humiliations
821 S Sampson, Ana. Tyger tyger, burning bright : much-loved poems you half-remember.
822.09 Stoppard H Hunter, Jim Tom Stoppard : Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, Jumpers, Travesties, Arcadia
824 G Gass, William H. Life sentences : literary judgments and accounts
831 S Sebald, Winfried Geo Across the land and the water Selected poems, 1964-2001.
888.09 Plato S Sheppard, D. J. Plato's Republic
909.81 A Allport, Alan The British industrial revolution
914.11 S Scotland.
914.151 I Ireland.
914.21 F Family guide London.
914.33 M Munich & the Bavarian Alps.
914.371 F Frommer's Prague and the best of the Czech Republic.
914.371 P Prague.
914.436 D De Tessan, Christina Forever Paris : 25 walks in the footsteps of the Chanel, Hemingway, Picasso, and more
914.436 J James, Eloisa. Paris in love
914.48 L Languedoc-Roussillon.
914.563 P Parla, Katie. Walking Rome.
914.563 R Rome.
914.6 N Northern Spain.
914.67 M Mallorca.
914.7 E Eastern and Central Europe.
914.8 R Rick Steves' Scandinavia.
914.94 R Rick Steves' Switzerland.
914.94 R Rick Steves' Switzerland.
914.95 F Fodor's Greek Islands.
917.1 C Canada.
917.2 M Berman, Joshua Moon Maya 2012 : a guide to celebrations in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras
917.471 F Family guide New York City.
917.471 N New York City.
917.53 F Family guide Washington, DC.
917.53 G Glickman, Barbara. Capital splendor : gardens and parks of Washington, DC.
917.73 C Chicago.
917.87 F Frommer's Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
917.91 F Frommer's Grand Canyon National Park.
917.92 F Frommer's Utah.
917.92 F Frommer's Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.
917.94 F Frommer's Yosemite and Sequoia
917.946 S San Francisco.
917.95 M Moon handbooks. Coastal Oregon.
919.31 F Frommer's New Zealand.
919.31 N New Zealand.
919.4 A Australia.
919.69 F Frommer's Honolulu, Waikiki & Oahu.
919.69 H Honolulu & O'ahu.
929.1 C Crowe, Elizabeth Pow Genealogy online
929.1 G Leclerc, Michael J. Genealogist's handbook for New England research.
929.1 H Helm, Matthew. Genealogy online for dummies
929.4 E Elby, Margaret. Rock and roll baby names : over 2,000 music-inspired names, from Alison to Ziggy.
935 K Kriwaczek, Paul. Babylon : Mesopotamia and the birth of civilization
940.3 B Beatty, Jack. The lost history of 1914 : reconsidering the year the great war began
940.53 W Werber, Millie Two rings : a story of love and war
940.5412 T Taaffe, Stephen R. Marshall and his generals : U.S. Army commanders in World War II
940.5421 K Kahn, David Seizing the enigma : the race to break the German U-boat codes, 1933-1945
940.5421 N Nagorski, Andrew. Hitlerland : American eyewitnesses to the Nazis rise to power
940.5472 H Hillenbrand, Laura. Unbroken : a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption
941.5 H Hegarty, Neil. Story of Ireland : a history of the Irish people.
942.04 G Goodwin, George. Fatal colours.
942.1 W Winn, Christopher I never knew that about London
944.02 G Goldstone, Nancy Baz The maid and the queen : the secret history of Joan of Arc
944.081 R Read, Piers Paul The Dreyfus affair : the scandal that tore France in two
951.026 D Dardess, John W. Ming China, 1368-1644 : a concise history of a resilient empire
951.033 A Abrams, Dennis The Treaty of Nanking
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954.05 K Kapur, Akash. India becoming : a portrait of life in modern India
955 D Daniel, Elton L. History of Iran.
956.054 L Lynch, Marc The Arab uprising : the unfinished revolutions of the new Middle East
956.94 R Rubin, Barry M. Israel : an introduction
958.1 B Barfield, Thomas J. Afghanistan : a cultural and political history
958.1 W Wissing, Douglas A. Funding the enemy : how US taxpayers bankroll the Taliban
959.704 S Steinbeck, John Steinbeck in Vietnam : dispatches from the war
959.903 J Jones, Gregg R. Honor in the dust : Theodore Roosevelt, war in the Philippines, and the rise and fall of America's imperial dream
962.4 N Natsios, Andrew S. Sudan, South Sudan, and Darfur : what everyone needs to know
970.3 S Stern, Pamela. Daily life of the Inuit.
973.04916 B Barrett, James R. The Irish way : becoming American in the multiethnic city
973.7 S Sarna, Jonathan D. When General Grant expelled the Jews
973.73 G Groom, Winston Shiloh, 1862 : the first great and terrible battle of the Civil War
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973.742 H Hambucken, Denis. Confederate soldier of the American Civil War.
973.92 K Kling, Andrew A. Red scare.
973.923 U Updegrove, Mark K. Indomitable will : LBJ in the presidency
973.924 F Fulsom, Don. Nixon's darkest secrets : the inside story of America's most troubled president
973.93 L Luce, Edward Time to start thinking : America in the age of descent
974.4 A Aloisi, James A. The Vidal lecture : sex and politics in Massachusetts and the persecution of Chief Justice Robert Bonin
974.461 O O'Neill, Gerard. Rogues and redeemers : when politics was king in Irish Boston
977.4 M Martelle, Scott Detroit : a biography
985 C Cohen Suarez, Ananda Handbook to life in the Inca world
986.6 L Lauderbaugh, George. History of Ecuador.
BIOGRAPHY Abbott Abbott, Jim Imperfect : an improbable life
BIOGRAPHY Ahmad Ahmad, Imran. The perfect gentleman : a Muslim boy meets the West
BIOGRAPHY Astaire Riley, Kathleen The Astaires : Fred & Adele
BIOGRAPHY Bartels Bartels, Peggielene King Peggy : an American secretary, her royal destiny, and the inspiringstory of how she changed an African village
BIOGRAPHY Beer Negev, Eilat. The first lady of Fleet Street : the life of Rachel Beer : crusading heiress and newspaper pioneer
BIOGRAPHY Benedict XVI Ratzinger, Georg. My brother, the Pope
BIOGRAPHY Benfey Benfey, Christopher Red brick, Black Mountain, white clay : reflections on art, family, and survival
BIOGRAPHY Benton Wolff, Justin P. Thomas Hart Benton : a life
BIOGRAPHY Berra Araton, Harvey. Driving Mr. Yogi : Yogi Berra, Ron Guidry, and baseball's greatest gift
BIOGRAPHY Brown Smith, R. J. The one : the life and music of James Brown
BIOGRAPHY Busch Busch, Benjamin. Dust to dust.
BIOGRAPHY Catherine II Massie, Robert K. Catherine the Great : portrait of a woman
BIOGRAPHY Doolin Doolin, Joseph. South Boston boy : a city boy's life at mid-century
BIOGRAPHY Elizabeth II Smith, Sally Bedell Elizabeth the Queen : the life of a modern monarch
BIOGRAPHY Feldman Feldman, Deborah Unorthodox : the scandalous rejection of my Hasidic roots
BIOGRAPHY Feldman Feldman, Deborah Unorthodox : the scandalous rejection of my Hasidic roots
BIOGRAPHY Franklin Bego, Mark. Aretha Franklin : the queen of soul
BIOGRAPHY Haley Haley, Nikki Can't is not an option : my American story
BIOGRAPHY Hitler Wilson, A.N. Hitler.
BIOGRAPHY Holm Holm, Richard L. The craft we chose : my life in the CIA
BIOGRAPHY Johnston Johnston, Kristen Guts : the endless follies and tiny triumphs of a giant disaster
BIOGRAPHY Kasher Kasher, Moshe. Kasher in the rye : the true tale of a white boy from Oakland who becamea drug addict, criminal, mental patient, and then turned 16
BIOGRAPHY King King, Carole A natural woman : a memoir
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BIOGRAPHY Lady Gaga Johanson, Paula. Lady Gaga : a biography.
BIOGRAPHY Matilda Borman, Tracy. Queen of the Conqueror.
BIOGRAPHY Obama Bond, Alma Halbert. Michelle Obama, a biography
BIOGRAPHY Okun Okun, Milton. Along the Cherry Lane : tales from the life of music industry legend Milton Okun.
BIOGRAPHY Powell Powell, Margaret Below stairs : the classic kitchen maid's memoir that inspired "Upstairs,downstairs" and "Downton Abbey"
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BIOGRAPHY Ralph Ralph, Sheryl. Redefining diva: life lessons from the original dreamgirl.
BIOGRAPHY Ramone Ramone, Johnny Commando : the autobiography of Johnny Ramone
BIOGRAPHY Silver Silver, Charlotte. Charlotte au chocolat : memories of a restaurant girlhood
BIOGRAPHY Strayed Strayed, Cheryl Wild
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f 507.8 E Environmental science experiments
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f 904 T Time disasters that shook the world.
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f 941.085 M Moorhouse, Paul. Queen : art and images.
FICTION Alliott Alliott, Catherine. A rural affair
FICTION Barden Barden, Dan The next right thing : a novel
FICTION Begley Begley, Louis. Schmidt steps back
FICTION Bell Bell, Ted. Phantom : an Alex Hawke novel
FICTION Bernard Bernard, April. Miss Fuller.
FICTION Berry Berry, Steve The emperor's tomb : a novel
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FICTION Clancy Clancy, Tom Executive orders
FICTION Clark Clark, Mary Higgins. Lost years.
FICTION Clark Clark, Mary Higgins. Lost years.
FICTION Coates Coates, Deborah. Wide open.
FICTION Coben Coben, Harlan Stay close
FICTION Coben Coben, Harlan Stay close
FICTION Coben Coben, Harlan Stay close
FICTION Cobo Cobo, Leila. The second time we met
FICTION Coughlin Coughlin, Jack Running the maze
FICTION D'Agostino D'Agostino, Kris The Sleepy Hollow family almanac : a novel
FICTION D'Agostino Shapiro, Molly Point, click, love : a novel
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FICTION Gordimer Gordimer, Nadine. No time like the present.
FICTION Groff Groff, Lauren. Arcadia
FICTION Gupta Gupta, Sanjay, M.D. Monday mornings
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FICTION Hancock Hancock, K. Dancing on broken glass.
FICTION Hardie Hardie, Titania. The house of the wind
FICTION Harkaway Harkaway, Nick Angelmaker
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FICTION Ivey Ivey, Eowyn. The snow child : a novel
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FICTION Kogan Kogan, Deborah Copak The red book
FICTION Kowal Kowal, Mary Robinett Shades of milk and honey
FICTION Landay Landay, William. Defending Jacob : a novel
FICTION Landay Landay, William. Defending Jacob : a novel
FICTION Landay Landay, William. Defending Jacob : a novel
FICTION Landay Landay, William. Defending Jacob : a novel
FICTION Landay Landay, William. Defending Jacob : a novel
FICTION Landay Landay, William. Defending Jacob : a novel
FICTION Landay Landay, William. Defending Jacob : a novel
FICTION Landay Landay, William. Defending Jacob : a novel
FICTION Lansdale Lansdale, Joe R. Edge of dark water
FICTION Lapidus Lapidus, Jens Easy money
FICTION Lauer Lauer, Rosalind. A simple spring : a seasons of Lancaster novel
FICTION Laukkanen Laukkanen, Owen. The professionals
FICTION MacDonald MacDonald, Patricia Missing child
FICTION MacNeal MacNeal, Susan Elia. Mr. Churchill's secretary : a Maggie Hope novel
FICTION Magson Magson, Adrian. Deception
FICTION Mallery Mallery, Susan. Barefoot season
FICTION Mallon Mallon, Thomas Watergate a novel
FICTION Mariani Mariani, Scott. The hope vendetta
FICTION Marlowe Marlowe, Mia. Touch of a Rogue.
FICTION Mars Mars, Julie Rust
FICTION Miller Miller, Kei. The last Warner woman
FICTION Mills Mills, Kyle The immortalists
FICTION Moffett Moffett, Kevin Further interpretations of real-life events : stories
FICTION Moggach Moggach, Deborah. The best exotic Marigold Hotel : a novel
FICTION Moore Moore, Christopher Sacre bleu : a comedy d'art
FICTION Nakamura Nakamura, Fuminori The thief
FICTION Nescio Nescio Amsterdam stories
FICTION Olson Olson, Michael Strange flesh :b[a novel]
FICTION Palmer Palmer, Daniel Helpless
FICTION Parssinen Parssinen, Keija. The ruins of us : a novel
FICTION Patterson Patterson, James Guilty wives
FICTION Patterson Patterson, James Guilty wives
FICTION Patterson Patterson, James Guilty wives
FICTION Patterson Patterson, James Guilty wives
FICTION Patterson Patterson, Richard N Fall from grace : a novel
FICTION Pavelich Pavelich, Matt. The other shoe
FICTION Perry Perry, Thomas Poison flower : a Jane Whitefield novel
FICTION Persson Persson, Leif G. W. Another time, another life : the story of a crime
FICTION Peters Peters, Ralph Cain at Gettysburg
FICTION Phan Phan, Aimee. The reeducation of Cherry Truong
FICTION Powers Powers, Tim Hide me among the graves : a novel
FICTION Quinn Quinn, Kate. Empress of the seven hills
FICTION Radford Radford, Ceri. A Surrey state of affairs
FICTION Redmond Satran, Pamela Redmo The possibility of you
FICTION Rich Rich, Roberta. The midwife of Venice
FICTION Rogan Rogan, Charlotte. The lifeboat : a novel
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FICTION Ross Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia to the rescue : a novel
FICTION Russell Russell, Mary Doria. Doc.
FICTION Sanders Sanders, Annie. Famous last words
FICTION Schuster Schuster, Joseph M. The might-have-been : a novel
FICTION Scott Scott, Kim That deadman dance : a novel
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FICTION Shriver Shriver, Lionel. The new republic : a novel
FICTION Smith Smith, Sherwood. Banner of the damned.
FICTION Sole Sole, Linda. Briar patch
FICTION St. Aubyn St. Aubyn, Edward The Patrick Melrose novels : Never mind, Bad news, Some hope, and Mother's milk
FICTION Steel Steel, Danielle. Betrayal : a novel
FICTION Steel Steel, Danielle. Betrayal : a novel
FICTION Steinhauer Steinhauer, Olen. An American spy
FICTION Stock Stock, Jon. Games traitors play
FICTION Tabor Tabor, James M. The deep zone : a novel
FICTION Taylor Taylor, D.J. Derby day.
FICTION Trigiani Trigiani, Adriana. Shoemaker's wife.
FICTION Tyler Tyler, Anne. The beginner's goodbye : a novel
FICTION Tyler Tyler, Anne. The beginner's goodbye : a novel
FICTION Tyler Tyler, Anne. The beginner's goodbye : a novel
FICTION Vachss Vachss, Andrew H. That's how I roll
FICTION Vincenzi Vincenzi, Penny. More than you know.
FICTION Vincenzi Vincenzi, Penny. More than you know.
FICTION Vonnegut Vonnegut, Kurt. The sirens of Titan
FICTION Wambaugh Wambaugh, Joseph. Harbor nocturne.
FICTION Westlake Westlake, Donald E. The comedy is finished
FICTION Wilson Wilson, Susan The dog who danced
MAGAZINE Reader's digest large print for easier reading, 2012.
MYSTERY Babson Babson, Marian. No cooperation from the cat : a mystery
MYSTERY Bagshawe Bagshawe, Tilly. Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the dark
MYSTERY Bowen Bowen, Rhys. Hush now, don't you cry
MYSTERY Brown Brown, Rita Mae. The big cat nap : the 20th anniversary Mrs. Murphy mystery
MYSTERY Clark Clark, Carol Higgins Gypped.
MYSTERY Clark Clark, Carol Higgins Gypped.
MYSTERY Cleland Cleland, Jane K. Dolled up for murder
MYSTERY Coe Coe, Amanda What they do in the dark
MYSTERY Doudera Doudera, Vicki Deadly offer : a Darby Farr mystery
MYSTERY Edwardson Edwardson, Ake Sail of stone
MYSTERY Evans Evans, Mary Anna. Plunder: a faye longchamp mystery.
MYSTERY Fowler Fowler, Christopher. The memory of blood : a Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery
MYSTERY Fredrickson Fredrickson, Jack. Hunting Sweetie Rose : a mystery
MYSTERY George George, Elizabeth Believing the lie
MYSTERY Grossman Grossman, Paul. Children of wrath
MYSTERY Gunn Gunn, Elizabeth The magic line
MYSTERY Haddam Haddam, Jane Blood in the water
MYSTERY Hart Hart, Carolyn G. Death comes silently.
MYSTERY Heley Heley, Veronica. False report
MYSTERY Hess Hess, Joan. Deader homes and gardens : a Claire Malloy mystery
MYSTERY Jaffarian Jaffarian, Sue Ann Gem of a ghost
MYSTERY James James, P. D. Death comes to Pemberley
MYSTERY Jones Jones, Merry Bloch. Behind the walls : a Harper Jennings mystery
MYSTERY Kent Kent, Graeme. One blood
MYSTERY Knight Knight, Bernard. Grounds for appeal
MYSTERY Koff Koff, Clea. Freezing
MYSTERY Leon Leon, Donna. Beastly things.
MYSTERY Leon Leon, Donna. Beastly things.
MYSTERY Margolin Margolin, Phillip. Capitol murder : a novel of suspense
MYSTERY Masters Masters, Priscilla. A velvet scream
MYSTERY McKevett McKevett, G A. Buried in buttercream.
MYSTERY O'Donovan O'Donovan, Gerard Dublin dead : a novel
MYSTERY Ohlsson Ohlsson, Kristina Unwanted : a novel
MYSTERY O'Melveny O'Melveny, Regina. The book of madness and cures : a novel
MYSTERY O'Melveny O'Melveny, Regina. The book of madness and cures : a novel
MYSTERY Parker Parker, Robert B. Stone cold : a Jesse Stone novel
MYSTERY Parks Parks, Brad The girl next door : a mystery
MYSTERY Perry Perry, Anne. Dorchester Terrace.
MYSTERY Perry Perry, Anne. Dorchester Terrace.
MYSTERY Reed Reed, Mary. Nine for the devil : a John the Lord Chamberlain mystery
MYSTERY Sallis Sallis, James. Driven.
MYSTERY Shields Shields, Kieran. Truth of all things.
MYSTERY Southey Southey, Roz Airs and graces : a Charles Patterson mystery
MYSTERY Spencer Spencer, Sally. Blackstone and the Great War
MYSTERY Thompson Thompson, James Helsinki white
MYSTERY Tursten Tursten, Helene Night rounds
MYSTERY White White, Kate So pretty it hurts : a Bailey Weggins mystery
MYSTERY Whittle Whittle, Tina. Darker than any shadow : a Tai Randolph mystery
MYSTERY Wiehl Wiehl, Lis W. Eyes of justice
MYSTERY Wilhelm Wilhelm, Kate. Death of an artist : [a mystery]
MYSTERY Winspear Winspear, Jacqueline Elegy for Eddie.
MYSTERY Yrsa Siguroardottir Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Ashes to dust : a thriller
PAPERBACK Child Child, Lee. 61 hours
PAPERBACK Hunter Hunter, Madeline. The surrender of Miss Fairbourne
PAPERBACK Martin Martin, Kat. Against the night
PAPERBACK Silva Silva, Daniel The Rembrandt affair
RENTAL Bell, Ted. Phantom : an Alex Hawke novel
RENTAL Bowen, Rhys. Hush now, don't you cry
RENTAL Box, C. J. Force of nature
RENTAL Brockmann, Suzanne. Born to darkness
RENTAL Coben, Harlan Stay close
RENTAL Gupta, Sanjay, M.D. Monday mornings
RENTAL Landay, William. Defending Jacob : a novel
RENTAL Landay, William. Defending Jacob : a novel
RENTAL Oates, Joyce Carol Mudwoman
RENTAL Patterson, James Guilty wives
RENTAL Patterson, James Guilty wives
RENTAL Patterson, James Guilty wives
RENTAL Patterson, Richard N Fall from grace : a novel
RENTAL Steel, Danielle. Betrayal : a novel
RENTAL Wilhelm, Kate. Death of an artist : [a mystery]
SCIENCE FICTION Bear Bear, Elizabeth. Range of ghosts
SCIENCE FICTION Best The best science fiction and fantasy of the year.
SCIENCE FICTION Bujold Bujold, Lois McMaste Barrayar.
SCIENCE FICTION Denning Denning, Troy. Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse.
SCIENCE FICTION Drake Drake, David. The road of danger
SCIENCE FICTION Foster Foster, Alan Dean Body, Inc.
SCIENCE FICTION Kosmatka Kosmatka, Ted The games
SCIENCE FICTION MacLeod MacLeod, Ken. The night sessions
SCIENCE FICTION Sawyer Sawyer, Robert J. Triggers
SCIENCE FICTION Williams Williams, Walter Jon The fourth wall
LARGE TYPE 616.99 N Niemi, Lisa. Worth fighting for : love, loss, and moving forward
LARGE TYPE 910.9163 D Davenport-Hines, R. Voyagers of the Titanic : passengers, sailors, shipbuilders, aristocrats,and the worlds they came from
LARGE TYPE Berenson Berenson, Alex. The shadow patrol
LARGE TYPE BIOGRAPHY Elizabeth II Marr, Andrew. The real Elizabeth : an intimate portrait of Queen Elizabeth II
LARGE TYPE Carr Carr, Robyn. Redwood bend
LARGE TYPE Cussler Cussler, Clive. The thief : an Isaac Bell adventure
LARGE TYPE FICTION Chiaverini Chiaverini, Jennifer Sonoma rose : an Elm Creek quilts novel
LARGE TYPE FICTION Kinsella Kinsella, Sophie. I've got your number
LARGE TYPE FICTION Kleypas Kleypas, Lisa. Rainshadow road.
LARGE TYPE FICTION Lee Lee, Harper. To kill a mockingbird.
LARGE TYPE FICTION Oates Oates, Joyce Carol. Mudwoman.
LARGE TYPE FICTION Palmer Palmer, Michael Oath of office
LARGE TYPE FICTION Patterson Patterson, James Guilty wives : a novel
LARGE TYPE FICTION Perry Perry, Thomas Poison flower
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Albert Albert, Susan Wittig Cat's claw.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Beaton Beaton, M. C. Death of a kingfisher
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Childs Childs, Laura. Agony of the leaves
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Christie Christie, Agatha A pocket full of rye : a Miss Marple mystery
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Christie Christie, Agatha They came to Baghdad
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Cornwell Cornwell, Patricia D Red mist
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Dunn Dunn, Carola. Gone west
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Fluke Swenson, H. L. Cinnamon roll murder
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Kellerman Kellerman, Jonathan. Victims : an Alex Delaware novel
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Robb Robb, J. D. Celebrity in death
LARGE TYPE Parker Parker, T. Jefferson The jaguar
LARGE TYPE Rosnay Rosnay, Tatiana de The house I loved
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BOSWORTH 336.2 G Guidebook to Massachusetts taxes.
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BOSWORTH 336.2 I United States. Internal revenue code : income, employment, estate and gift tax provisions, including amendments.
BOSWORTH 336.2 T Top federal tax issues for ... CPE course.
BOSWORTH 336.2 U United States master tax guide.
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BOSWORTH 350.722 U United States. Offic Budget of the United States Government.
BOSWORTH 366 E Encyclopedia of associations. Regional, state, and local organizations.
BOSWORTH 366 E Encyclopedia of associations. Regional, state, and local organizations.
BOSWORTH 366 E Encyclopedia of associations. Regional, state, and local organizations.
BOSWORTH 366 E Encyclopedia of associations. Regional, state, and local organizations.
BOSWORTH 366 E Encyclopedia of associations. Regional, state, and local organizations.
BOSWORTH 378.3 G Grants register.
BOSWORTH 670 H Hoover's handbook of American business.
BOSWORTH 670 S Standard and Poor's Standard & Poor's register of corporations, directors and executives.
BOSWORTH 670 S Standard and Poor's Standard & Poor's register of corporations, directors and executives.
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REFERENCE 796.0973 S Sports in America from colonial times to the twenty-first century : an encyclopedia.
REFERENCE 796.0973 S Sports in America from colonial times to the twenty-first century : an encyclopedia.
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REFERENCE 954 I India today : an encyclopedia of life in the republic.
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REFERENCE 956 M Middle East : a guide to politics, economics, society, and culture.
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