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Loss Seminars
Loss Support
Loss is a topic youth will be dealing with more often as they get older. Because of this it is critical to become familiar with discussing the dynamics and impact of loss as well as how to access professional assistance and other avenues of support.

A loss can impact academic, physical, social, and emotional well-being, and those who have experienced a loss are at significantly greater risk of engaging in harmful behaviors. Youth cannot avoid life’s difficulties, but by approaching the issue of loss in a preventative manner, they can address loss in a more productive and healthy manner.

Loss Program Workshop
The Loss Program is facilitated by the Needham Youth Services in collaboration with Needham High School. During the workshop, ninth grade students have the opportunity to learn about loss prior to a crisis. Other helpful topics covered include:
  • A better understanding of the feelings related to a loss
  • A helpful insight into the grieving process
  • Learning ways to cope more appropriately with a loss

This program is recognition that death, divorce, major change, and the loss of any important relational, personal, or property matter is a significant experience. View comments from past participants.

Additional Information
We would like to give special thanks to the Needham Education Foundation for providing initial funding, and to the Tolman Trust Fund for providing support for this program since 1998. For information or to learn more about the Loss Program, please contact Liz Loveless  781-455-7500 x266.