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Jon's Blog
Jon MattlemanPeriodically I will update my blog with ideas, stories, and information for youth and parents. In addition, if there are issues / topics you would like me to address, please contact me.

Finally, if you are interested check out my past blogs.


Jon Mattleman, Director
Needham Youth Services
(formerly the Needham Youth Commission)

Jon’s Blog Fall 2016

When new residents move into town, or new faith leaders start in Needham, or new Needham Public School staff begin, I always take the time to explain what Youth Services does and our function in this community.  This past year, the staff and Board created our Youth Services "wordle" in an attempt to transmit what we do in a brief amount of time.  While this wordle does not provide depth and does not identify specific services, it does provide a "quick overview" of who we are and what we do. 

Please view our wordle below and let me know what you think!!

wordle in jpg.jpeg