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Street & Sidewalk Opening/Obstruction Permits
Town of Needham Department of Public Works
Street Permit Information
Street & Sidewalk Opening/Occupying/Obstructing
Permit Requirements

**As of Monday, April 1, 2019 Needham DPW shall
BEGIN ISSUANCE of street opening/excavation permits within
public right-of-ways**

Typical permit activities include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Building a new home or addition or demolition of structure that requires the transportation of heavy vehicles and equipment (such as but not limited to, backhoe, front-end loader, dump truck, concrete deliveries, lumber deliveries, sheet rock and/or drywall deliveries) across curbs, grass berms, driveway aprons, sidewalks and/or borders of a public way with or without a sidewalk, in which damage may result that might cause the Town to expend funds to effect the repair.
  • Trench excavation for Sewer, Drain and Water connections or disconnect to any structure
  • Utility installations & repairs by Electric, Telephone, Gas & Cable Companies
  • Driveway installations, reconstruction & repairs
  • New Garage, Demolish Garage or Garage Addition
  • Placing a dumpster on or over public way or sidewalk
  • Installation of an in-ground swimming pool
  • Placing a ladder or staging to paint or repair building front or installing a sign
  • Install or removal of retaining wall
  • Placing fence or barrier on sidewalk to protect construction site
  • Placing a hose across roadway and sidewalk from hydrant to fill or drain pool
  • Monitor wells or Soil Test Pits
  • Remove and/or replace Underground Oil Storage Tank

Insurance & Bond Requirements

All insurance and bonds must state the Town of Needham as the policy holder. 
The Director of Public Works may require an increase of the minimum insurance limits & bond requirements depending on the scope of proposed work.

  • $5000 Surety Bond - Original, signed bond to be filed at DPW
  • Public/General Liability Insurance Certificate 
Bodily Injury:          $100,000/person            $500,000 single limit
Property Damage:  $300,000/accident          $500,000 single limit

Permit Fees
Occupancy Only (Section 2.8) - $100
Excavation (50 LF & under) -  $325
Excavation (51 LF & over) -    $325 plus additional $1 per each linear foot 
Trench Fee - $50 
Driveway Fee - $150 
Privately funded sidewalk improvements (property line to property line) - $100

Contractor License Form & Fee
The Town requires all contractors to have a current Town of Needham Contractor License.
The next three year renewal period will start in December 2018The Town pro-rates the contractor license fee by each calendar year. 

2019 License Fee is - $300 (this license is valid for three years, expiring 12-1-2021)
Print out and complete license form, located here 

Completed Plot Plan Showing Proposed Work
Please refer to Section 3.2 of the Street Permit Regulations and Procedures for additional information about this requirement. 

Excavation permit proposals MUST be accompanied by a VALID Dig Safe Ticket Number. 
The toll free number to obtain a ticket number is #1-888-344-7233 or visit their website.