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Booklist for Grades 3-4

*Reminder: Wednesday, August 6th is the last day to record hours!*

June 26th– August 13th

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Illustrated Fiction

Base, Graeme. The worst band in the universe

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The minstrel and the dragon pup 

Easy Chapter Books 

Colleen Marcie Bat to the bone 

Giff, Patricia Reilly. Starring Rosie 

Goldberg, Whoopi.  Sugar plum ballerinas

Goldsmith, Howard. The Twiddle twins' music box mystery 

Greenwald, Sheila. Here's Hermione : a Rosy Cole production 

Hoban, Russell.  Jim Hedgehog and the Lonesome Tower 

Holabird, Katherine. Angelina's diary

Maddox, Jake.  Dance team dilemma 

Meadows, Daisy. Grace Woollyhop's musical mystery 

Michiko, Debbi. Jasmine Toguchidrummer girl 

Paton Walsh, Jill. Matthew and the sea singer 

Pinkwater. Daniel.  Mush's jazz adventure 

Reed, Melody.  Battle of the bands 

Reynolds, Paul A. Sydney & Simon : go green! 

Chapter Books – Fiction

No ordinary sound 
J SERIES American Girl 

Tenney series  J SERIES American Girl 

Berk, Sheryl. Showtime! Two to tango 

Cerrie Burnell,  Harper and the scarlet umbrella 

Clements, Andrew. The last holiday concert 

Delle Donne,Elena. Elle of the ball 

Fagan, Cary. Band on the Run

Friedman, Laurie. Play it again, Mallory 

Gifford, Peggy.   Moxy Maxwell does not love practicing the piano : (but she does love being in recitals) 

MacLachlan. Just Dance

McCarthy, Jenna. Maggie Malone and the mostly magical boots 

Parkinson, Siobhan. Kathleen: the Celtic knot 

 Schusterman, Michelle. Friends, fugues, and fortune cookies 

Stilton, Thea. Thea Stilton and the dancing shadows 

Vernon, Ursula. Hamster Princess : of mice and magic 

 Wells, Tina. Mixed messages 


BlytonThe Secret Seven and the case of the music lover

 Warner, Chandler Gertrude.

                             The rock 'n' roll mystery 

The mystery of the stolen music 

Graphic Novels

Gerstein, Mordicai I am Pan!   J Graphic 292.2 G

Non Fiction
(J 323.119 B) Nina : jazz legend and civil-rights activist Nina Simone . Brière-Haquet, Alice.

(J 398 B) The Bremen Town Musicians translated by Anthea Bell

(J 418 B)  The song within my heart. Bouchard, David.    

(J 591.594 S) Secrets of sound : studying the calls and songs of whales, elephants, and birds Sayre April Pulley. 

(J 782.14 S) The music in George's head : George Gershwin creates Rhapsody in blue.  Slade, Suzanne.                                        

(J 782.42 D) Sipping spiders through a straw : campfire songs for monsters. DiPucchio, Kelly.

(J 782.42 G) This land is your land.

(J 782.421 R) Fab four friends : the boys who became the Beatles. Reich, Susanna.        

(J 784.2 H) Ada's violin : the story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay.

(J 793.7 C) Fun on the run : travel games and songs Cole, Joanna.

 (J 810.8 F) From sea to shining sea ; a treasury of American folklore and folk songs                 

(J 811.008 H) Hip hop speaks to children : a celebration of poetry with a beat

(J 811.54) Feel the beat : dance poems that zing from salsa to swing.

(J 811.6 O) Jazz day : the making of a famous photograph. Orgill, Roxane.


J BIOGRAPHY Esquivel Esquivel! : space-age sound artist. Wood, Susan.

J BIOGRAPHY Gilmore Jubilee! : one man's big, bold, and very, very loud celebration of peacePotter, Alicia.                   

J BIOGRAPHY Listen Little Melba and her big tromboneRussell, Katheryn.   

J BIOGRAPHY Monroe Bluegrass boy : the story of Bill Monroe, father of bluegrass musicRosenstock, Barb. 

Who was/were … (SERIES)

Louis Armstrong  J BIOGRAPHY Armstrong

The Beatles    J BIOGRAPHY Beatles

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart    J BIOGRAPHY Mozart

Elvis Presley J BIOGRAPHY Presley