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  • Must attend ALL mandatory training sessions. 
  • During the interview process, please have all information regarding planned vacations, 'once-in-a-lifetime events', school orientations, etc. available as they will be considered when assigning positions. Please note, we do no hire extra staff, so it important to be very clear about the type of commitment you can make while working with us over the summer.
  • All applicants should be at least 16 years of age by the first day of employment.
  • All applicants must be willing to work with participants/patrons in a friendly manner, insuring their safety.
  • Previous Park and Recreation volunteer experience does not guarantee employment, but is considered favorably.
  • Applicants, NOT parents, handle all employment inquiries. This includes telephone and email communication!
  • All employment paperwork must be completed in BLUE or BLACK PEN carefully, thoroughly and in a timely manner.

    We are accepting 2019 Employment Applications now for both the Pools at Rosemary and Summer Programming!

    Please submit applications directly to the Park and Recreation Office, located at the Rosemary Recreation Complex. Reference should be provided with a self address envelope to the Park and Recreation Department and mailed directly from the reference source. While we will accept recommendations of our previous summer staff, we ask that you provide at least two (2) other reference sources.