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Downtown Improvement Project
April 21, 2017 Week 40: Dagle Electric spliced wires to lighted bollards and light poles, C & D Masonry constructed the masonry walls in the Common, and MDR installed a handhole near Town Hall for installation of fiber optics cable. Dagle Electric and C& D Masonry expect to return next week to continue performing work of a similar nature.

 Week 40 Image 1.JPG  Week 40 Image 2.JPG
 Week 40 Image 3.JPG  Week 40 Image 4.JPG

April 14, 2017 Week 39: Dagle Electric installed light poles and bollards throughout the Downtown. Light poles were installed on Great Plain Avenue, on Highland Avenue, and on Great Plain Avenue along the Common. A bollard was installed at the intersection of Chapel Street and Great Plain Avenue. The walls along the Common were not attempted this week, and may be attempted next week.

 Week 39 Image 3.JPG
 Week 39 Image 2.JPG

April 7, 2017 Week 38: MDR excavated the conduit trench to the electrical manhole in Great Plain Avenue and Highland Avenue. Eversource brought the conduit into the manhole and Dagle wired it. Eversource will connect it. The pedestrian light pole was installed on Great Plain Avenue. Along Dedham Avenue, a pedestrian light and two other light poles have been installed. Granite and bricks, for the walls and details around the Common, were delivered. The walls along the Common are scheduled to be constructed next week.

 Week 38 Image 1.JPG  Week 38 Image 2.JPG
 Week 38 Image 3.JPG  Week 38 Image 4.JPG

March 31, 2017 Week 37: The new lights for Highland Avenue have been activated. The old light posts were dismantled and removed. The old light poles and fixtures were dismantled on Great Plain Avenue at Chapel Street. The new lights in the Chapel Street, Chestnut Street and Great Plain Avenue intersection are active and the old lights were removed. The camera on the mast arm in front of Santander bank was also installed. The street light crew continued to pull wires for the bollards and pedestrian lighting. The Opticom system for emergency vehicles was installed. Dagle plans to synchronize the railroad traffic lights with the railroad Friday, weather permitting.

 Week 37 Image 1.JPG  Week 37 Image 2.JPG
 Week 37 Image 3.JPG  Week 37 Image 4.JPG

March 24, 2017 Week 36: Dagle Electric installed push buttons on the traffic signal posts, pulled wires through the conduits and continued splicing wires. Next week, Dagle Electric expects to install the mast arm cameras and wiring, as well as the fiber optic wiring into Town Hall and activate the new traffic signals. MDR installed most of the bollards this past week.

 Week 36 Image 1.JPG  Week 36 Image 2.JPG
 Week 36 Image 3.JPG  Week 36 Image 4.JPG

March 17, 2017 Week 35: Dagle Electric installed Opticon sensors and beacons on the traffic mast arms, spliced wires and installed metal skirts on the traffic poles. They expect to install the mast arm cameras and wiring for the cameras next week.

 Week 35 Image 1.JPG  Week 35 Image 2.JPG

March 10, 2017 Week 34: Dagle Electric continued installing traffic mast arms and two power cabinets on the concrete pads in the common. They had two crews on site this week. MDR installed a conduit from a handhole to a power cabinet located adjacent to the railroad tracks on Great Plain Avenue. Dagle Electric expects to be in next week to continue working with the wiring and to install mast arms, posts and bollards.

 Week 34 Image 1.JPG  Week 34 Image 2.JPG
 Week 34 Image 3.JPG  Week 34 Image 4.JPG

March 3, 2017 Week 33: Dagle Electric was pulling wires through conduits and splicing the wires in handholes and at traffic signals. They also delivered materials including posts, bollards, cabinets and lighting supplies to the storage area. Dagle Electric expects to be in next week to continue working with the wiring and to install mast arms, posts and bollards.

 Week 33 Image 1.JPG  Week 33 Image 2.JPG
 Week 33 Image 3.JPG  Week 33 Image 4.JPG

February 24, 2017 Week 32: This week MDR’s crew did not work at the site. Dagle Electric installed the remaining traffic signal posts and wires in the conduits. CD Masonry also constructed the mock-ups of the brick wall and pavers. Temporary pavement markings were painted on the two intersections and along Great Plain Ave. consisting of double yellow centerline, lane lines, crosswalks, stop bars and parking stalls. Dagle Electric expects to be in next week to continue installing wires in conduit and to install the traffic signal mast arms.

 Week 32 Image 1.JPG  Week 32 Image 2.JPG
 Week 32 Image 3.JPG  Week 32 Image 4.JPG

February 17, 2017 Week 31: This week Dagle Electric installed hardware on the pedestrian posts. MDR’s crew did not work at the site due to inclement weather. Both expect to be in next week, weather permitting.

 Week 31 Image 1.JPG  Week 31 Image 2.JPG

February 10, 2017 Week 30: This week the contractor installed electrical conduit and the remaining 6 bollards in the common along Great Plain Ave., excavated and back-filled within the common for placement of brickwork and removal of the tulip tree stump. Two work days were lost this week due to weather. Next week the contractor plans to continue installing conduit and preparing sub base for brickwork, weather permitting. 

 Week 30 Image 1.JPG  Week 30 Image 2.JPG
 Week 30 Image 3.JPG  Week 30 Image 4.JPG

February 3, 2017 Week 29: This week the contractor was at the site to back-fill around the decorative walls on the common, remove the tulip tree, remove the flagpole and concrete base, and install conduit within the common. Next week they plan to continue installing conduit, weather permitting.

 Week 29 Image 1.JPG  Week 29 Image 2.JPG

January 27, 2017 Week 28: This week the contractor was at the site to install the decorative walls on the common. They poured the concrete walls on the common and installed the pedestrian posts located at crosswalks. Next week they plan to continue work on the wall construction, weather permitting.

 Week 28 Image 2.JPG  Week 28 Image 3.JPG

January 20, 2017 Week 27: This week the contractor was at the site to excavate for the decorative walls to be constructed in the common. This week they excavated for the footings on the east and west walls, formed the footings, installed the reinforcing steel and poured the concrete footings. The pictures show the area being excavated and the footings constructed, there is also a picture of the metal archways which were delivered this week. Next week they plan to continue work on the wall construction, weather permitting.

 Week 27 Image 1.JPG  Week 27 Image 2.JPG
 Week 27 Image 3.JPG  Week 27 Image 4.JPG

January 13, 2017 Week 26: This week a subcontractor was at the site to relocate traffic control cabinets on Chapel St. and Highland Ave. These cabinets will be replaced at a later date. The cabinets were relocated so that the contractor can begin excavation for the decorative wall on the Town Common. This work could possibly begin as soon as next week, weather permitting.

 Week 26 Image 1.JPG  Week 26 Image 2.JPG
 Week 26 Image 3.JPG  Week 26 Image 4.JPG

January 6, 2017 Week 25: This week 6 mast arm posts were installed.

 Week 25 Image 1.jpg  Week 25 Image 2.jpg