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Downtown Improvement Project
January 6, 2017 Week 25: This week 6 mast arm posts were installed.

 Week 25 Image 1.jpg  Week 25 Image 2.jpg

January 13, 2017 Week 26: This week a subcontractor was at the site to relocate traffic control cabinets on Chapel St. and Highland Ave. These cabinets will be replaced at a later date. The cabinets were relocated so that the contractor can begin excavation for the decorative wall on the Town Common. This work could possibly begin as soon as next week, weather permitting.

 Week 26 Image 1.JPG  Week 26 Image 2.JPG
 Week 26 Image 3.JPG  Week 26 Image 4.JPG

January 20, 2017 Week 27: This week the contractor was at the site to excavate for the decorative walls to be constructed in the common. This week they excavated for the footings on the east and west walls, formed the footings, installed the reinforcing steel and poured the concrete footings. The pictures show the area being excavated and the footings constructed, there is also a picture of the metal archways which were delivered this week. Next week they plan to continue work on the wall construction, weather permitting.

 Week 27 Image 1.JPG  Week 27 Image 2.JPG
 Week 27 Image 3.JPG  Week 27 Image 4.JPG

January 27, 2017 Week 28: This week the contractor was at the site to install the decorative walls on the common. They poured the concrete walls on the common and installed the pedestrian posts located at crosswalks. Next week they plan to continue work on the wall construction, weather permitting.

 Week 28 Image 2.JPG  Week 28 Image 3.JPG

February 3, 2017 Week 29: This week the contractor was at the site to back-fill around the decorative walls on the common, remove the tulip tree, remove the flagpole and concrete base, and install conduit within the common. Next week they plan to continue installing conduit, weather permitting.

 Week 29 Image 1.JPG  Week 29 Image 2.JPG

February 10, 2017 Week 30: This week the contractor installed electrical conduit and the remaining 6 bollards in the common along Great Plain Ave., excavated and back-filled within the common for placement of brickwork and removal of the tulip tree stump. Two work days were lost this week due to weather. Next week the contractor plans to continue installing conduit and preparing sub base for brickwork, weather permitting.

 Week 30 Image 1.JPG  Week 30 Image 2.JPG
 Week 30 Image 3.JPG  Week 30 Image 4.JPG