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Facility Working Group
7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Second Wednesday of each month - Powers Hall, inside Needham Town Hall
Please check the Town calendar prior to meetings for changes in meeting times or place

Committee meetings are filed with the town clerk in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Laws. In order to hold a public meeting the notice must be filed with the Town Clerk. All committee meetings will be posted by the Town Clerk on the Town's website under the calendar.

Agendas and Minutes
The Facility Working Group meeting agenda will be part of the public meeting notice that is posted by the Town Clerk on the Town website under agendas and minutes.

Heidi Black - School Committee
John Connelly - Finance Committee
Artie Crocker - Conservation Commission
Moe Handel - Select Board
George Kent - Permanent Public Building Committee
Jeanne McKnight - Planning Board
Matt Toolan - Park and Recreation Commission

Committee Charge
The role of the Facility Working Group is to provide advice and input to the Permanent Public Building Committee (PPBC) and the Select Board in the development of an updated Facility Master Plan.  The Working  Group will assist the PPBC in its evaluation of the current and future needs of identified capital facilities in the context of the relationship of each facility to the organizations and departments offering programs and services to Town residents.  The Working  Group will evaluate and make recommendations relative to the appropriate timing and financing of future capital projects.  As part of its charge, the Working Group will evaluate the Town's existing and potential land use inventory, and make recommendations as to any beneficial alteration in the location of capital facilities within that inventory.

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Status/Updates and Resources
Click Here for an update on the status of the committee work and additional resources