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In addition of providing support for the regular emergency services and staffing the Operations Center in a crisis, NEMA personnel is ready to open the public shelter at a moment's notice should a situation require it. Under these circumstances we become an extension of the other town emergency services and will share in the care for the safety and well being of all residents.

Primary Emergency Shelter
The primary public emergency shelter for Needham is the High School at 609 Webster Street because of it's central location. The school has emergency power and the gym can be converted to provide a safe sleeping area for many Needham residents by setting up cots that are permanently stored there.

There are vehicles available to pick up residents that are unable to reach the shelter themselves. The shelter operation would be announced using local media or the telephone notification system. 

Pets are not permitted in the shelter. We strongly suggest you make plans for your pets in case you have to leave the house for a few days. However, there are now efforts underway to establish a facility in Needham that could accommodate pets for evacuees.