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Needham Mews
Greendale Ventures, LLC has filed a proposal with MassHousing pursuant to Chapter 40B. The proposal is to build 300 units of rental housing on a 6.02 acre site at 692 and 744 Greendale Avenue. 

Remand to ZBA

12/15/15   Remand Decision
12/7/15    Site Plans dated December 3, 2015
12/7/15    Architectural Plans dated October 13, 2015
12/7/15    Landscape Plans
12/7/15    Profiles
10/28/15   Roadway Profiles
10/28/15   Civil Plans
10/28/15   Landscape and Lighting Plans
10/21/15   Mill Creek PowerPoint Presentation October 20, 2015
10/19/15   Architectural Plans dated October 13, 2015
10/19/15   Order Granting Remand back to ZBA
10/15/15   Settlement
10/01/15   C-2 Lay-out Plan
10/01/15   C-3 Grading and Drainage Plan
10/01/15   C-4 Utility Plan

Posted After Decision filed:
03/29/14   Response to Petitioner's Motion
03/28/14   Letter to MEPA from Town Manager
03/10/14   Greendale Avenue Venture Motion for Constructive Grant
03/10/14   Amendment to Motion for Constructive Grant
02/13/14   Appeal submitted to Housing Appeals Committee by Mill Creek Residential


01/23/14   Exihibit A -Decision -Greendale Mews
01/23/14   Decision -Greendale Mews date-stamped 01.23.14

Posted After December 19, 2013 Hearing:

12/19/13    Proforma Review PPP by H & H Assoc December 19, 2013

Posted After November 21, 2013 Hearing:

12/19/13    Hardy Street Memo from GoulstonStorrs
12/18/13    Updated Waiver Request received 12-18-13
12/18/13    Ultrafine Particle Response by TechEnvironmental dated 11-19-13 received 12-18-13
12/18/13    Mill Creek Traffic Noise Report by AcenTech dated 12-17-13
12/17/13    Financial Profroma Report by Heaton Associates to ZBA dated 12-17-13
12/13/13    Engineering Comments to ZBA dated 12-12-13
11/27/13    TetraTech Letter to Fire Chief dated 11-19-13
11/26/13    Engineering Comments - dated 11-21-13
11/26/13    Sewer Easement Document
11/26/13    Sewer Easement Plot Plan 1959
11/25/13    MassDOT Stormwater letter dated 10-23-13
11/25/13    GarlickRush Letter to MassDOT on Stormwater dated 9-10-13

Posted  After October 17, 2013  Hearing:

11/19/13    RKG Density Study Needham Mews dated 11-18-13
11/18/13    Needham Health Department Recommendations for Needham Mews to ZBA dated 11-14-13
11/18/13    Stormwater Management Report dated 11-8-13
11/18/13    Revised Comprehensive Permit Plan Set dated 11-8-13
11/18/13    Tetra Tech Response to Comments dated 11-12-13
11/18/13    Transmittal Letter from Goulston & Storrs dated 11-13-14
11/18/13    Needham Mews Financial Info: 3 Development Scenarios dated 11-14-13
11/18/13    Lot Consolidation Plan dated 10-31-13
11/18/13    Needham Mews Landscape Plans dated 10-31-13
11/18/13    Needham Mews Architectural Dwgs Set dated 10-31-13
11/18/13    ZZ-1 Fire Truck Profile dated 9-30-13
11/15/13    Noise Study Greendale Avenue by CavanaughTocci dated 1-9-03
10/18/13    Needham Mews Comparison Summary dated 10-17-13
10/18/13    Board of Health Presentation to the Zoning Board dated 10-17-13
10/18/13    Mill Creek Memo re: Comparable 40B Projects
10/18/13    Density Comparison Analysis RKG dated 10-16-13
10/18/13    BETA Peer Review of Traffic Impact & Access Study
10/18/13    Highway Buffer Zone Legislation dated 10-10-13

Posted  After September 19, 2013  Hearing:
10/11/13    Comments from Engineering Department of Revised Comprehensive Permit Plans
10/11/13    Comments from Police Department of Revised Comprehensive Permit Plans
10/09/13    Traffic Signal Warrants Analysis, Vanasse & Associates
10/08/13    Comments from Fire Department of Revised Comprehensive Permit Plans
10/07/13    Response to Traffic Review Comments, Addendum, Vanasse & Associates
10/02/13   Part I: Greendale Mews' Response to Traffic Review Comments (by Vanasse & Associates)
10/02/13   Part II: Greendale Mews' Response to Traffic Review Comments (by Vanasse & Associates)
09/30/13   Drainage Report 9.30.13
09/30/13   A Existing Watershed Plan (part of drainage report)
09/30/13   B Proposed Watershed Plan (part of drainage report)
09/30/13   C Proposed Catchment Area Plan (part of drainage report)
09/30/13   Comprehensive Permit Site Plans - Complete Set 9.30.13
09/30/13   Consolidation Plan of Land dated 5.29.13
09/19/13    Greendale Mews Revised Plan Presentation
09/19/13    Boris Property Purchase Agreement
09/19/13    Needham Mews Project Plan dated 9/16/13 Architectural Drawings
09/19/13    Needham Mews Architectural Drawings Set 2 of 2
09/19/13    Needham Mews Comprehensive Permit Plan Revised 9/16/13  Civil Drawings
09/19/13    Transmittal letter re: Needham Mews Comprehensive Permit Application -Revised Plans dated 9/17/13 
09/19/13    Revised Plans for Needham Mews Landscape Plan dated 9/16/13

Posted  After August 15, 2013  Hearing:
09/10/13    Letter to Secretary Davey, MassDOT from Representative Denise Garlick and Senator Michael Rush
09/06/13    Letter to Mill Creek from Board of Selectmen
08/16/13    Micro Particle Pollution Presentation by Needham resident Cathryn Smith
08/16/13    Speech with accompanied Micro Particle Pollution Presentation by Needham resident Cathryn Smith
08/16/13    Health Risks of Close Proximity Highways by Mike Kraft, PhD Needham resident
08/16/13    Big Road Blues, Tufts NOW, presented by Mike Kraft, PhD Needham Resident
08/16/13    Letter from Town Engineer to ZBA re: proposed relocation of sewer 

Posted  After July 18, 2013  Hearing:
08/05/13    4557 Peer Review
08/01/13    Needham Mews Power Point Presentation
07/19/13    Letter from Planning Board to Zoning Board of Appeals
07/11/13    Opinion-Response to Goulston & Storrs Memo re: Sewer Easement Relocation
06/20/13    Goulston & Storrs Memo Regarding Sewer Easement Relocation
06/20/13    Needham Mews Site Plan
06/20/13    Needham Mews Shown on MASSDot Highway Plan for Illustration Only
06/18/13    Letter from Selectmen to MassHousing requesting Reconsideration of Permit
06/14/13    Comments from Fire Department regarding Revised Site Plan
05/23/13    Presentation to Board of Appeals by Mill Creek Residential
05/23/13    Traffic Impact and Access Study for Proposed Needham Mews, Vanasse & Associates, Inc.
05/21/13    Comments from Selectmen, Town Manager on Needham Mews Comprehensive Permit
05/20/13    Comments from Conservation Department on Needham Mews Comprehensive Permit
05/16/13    Comments from Department of Public Works on Needham Mews Comprehensive Permit
05/14/13    Comments from Police Department on Needham Mews Comprehensive Permit
05/13/13    Comments from Fire Department on Needham Mews Comprehensive Permit
04/22/13    Lot Consolidation Plan
04/22/13    Notice of Public Hearing on May 23, 2013
04/13/13    Comprehensive Permit Application
04/12/13    Preliminary Site Development Plans
04/12/13    Stormwater Report
04/08/13    Preliminary Architectural Plans 1
04/08/13    Preliminary Architectural Plans 2
04/08/13    Preliminary Landscape Plans
01/15/13    Letter from MassHousing Determining Project Eligibility
10/2012     Town of Needham 40B Guidelines
10/31/12    Project Comment Letter from Needham to MassHousing
09/30/12    Needham Mews Residential Application