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November 2009

DVD 133.9 Let Let loose! [videorecording] : The law of attraction in action. Episode X.
DVD 158.1 Shift The shift [videorecording]
DVD 306.76 Jihad A jihad for love [videorecording]
DVD 332.024 Your Your life, your money [videorecording].
DVD 333.3 American American outrage [videorecording]
DVD 336.3 Ten Ten trillion and counting [videorecording]
DVD 337 People's The people's republic of Capitalism [videorecording]
DVD 338.1 H2 H2 worker [videorecording]
DVD 338.19 Food Food, Inc. [videorecording]
DVD 342.73 First The First Amendment project [videorecording]
DVD 355.8 Disarm Disarm [videorecording]
DVD 362.1 Sick Sick around America [videorecording] : investigating the national debateon healthcare reform
DVD 362.28 Cry Cry for help [videorecording]
DVD 363.73 Sprawling Sprawling from grace [videorecording] : driven to madness
DVD 364.163 Black Black money [videorecording]
DVD 364.163 Madoff The Madoff affair [videorecording]
DVD 365.6 Released The released [videorecording]
DVD 393 Undertaking The undertaking [videorecording]
DVD 398.24 Quest Quest for dragons [videorecording].
DVD 420.9 Adventure The adventure of English [videorecording] : the life story of a remarkable language
DVD 551.46 Wild Wild Pacific [videorecording] : an ocean of extraordinary discoveries
DVD 610.69 Doctors' Doctors' diaries [videorecording]
DVD 613.71 No No more trouble zones [videorecording]
DVD 613.71 Stott Stott Pilates with Moira. Armchair pilates [videorecording]
DVD 618.244 Prenatal Prenatal yoga with Desi Bartlett [videorecording]
DVD 629.222 Car Car of the future [videorecording] : engineering for the environment
DVD 630 American American farm [videorecording]
DVD 643.7 Renovation Renovation nation. Learn how to recycle, reuse & reclaim [videorecording]
DVD 643.7 Renovation Renovation nation. Learn how to save water, save money [videorecording]
DVD 730.92 Saint-Gaudens Augustus Saint-Gaudens [videorecording] : master of American sculpture
DVD 759 Every Every picture tells a story [videorecording]
DVD 759.5 Michelangelo Secrets of the dead. Michelangelo revealed [videorecording]
DVD 781.66 Eric Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood [videorecording] : live from Madison Square Garden
DVD 781.66 U2 U2 live at Red Rocks [videorecording] : "Under a blood red sky".
DVD 782.1 Rise Rise and fall of the city of Mahagonny [videorecording] = Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny
DVD 792.8 Jerome Jerome Robbins [videorecording] : something to dance about
DVD 792.8 Midsummer A midsummer night's dream [videorecording]
DVD 793.33 Ballroom Ballroom bootcamp [videorecording]
DVD 796.8 Easy Easy techniques for self defense [videorecording].
DVD 910.4 Anthony Anthony Bourdain, no reservations. Collection 4 [videorecording]
DVD 910.452 Secrets Secrets of the dead [videorecording] Blackbeard's lost ship.
DVD 914.11 Scotland Scotland [videorecording] : ... the beauty and majesty
DVD 914.11 Visions Visions of Scotland [videorecording]
DVD 914.15 Visions Visions of Ireland [videorecording] : breathtaking views of the Emerald Isle
DVD 914.2 Visions Visions of England [videorecording] : England
DVD 914.29 Visions Visions of Wales [videorecording]
DVD 914.563 Vatican Vatican City [videorecording] : art & glory
DVD 917.8 Shining Shining mountains [videorecording] : a film honouring the great divide.
DVD 917.94 Death Death Valley [videorecording]
DVD 942.753 Of Of time and the city [videorecording] : a love song and a eulogy
DVD 947.98 Singing The singing revolution [videorecording]
DVD 968.83 Botswana Botswana [videorecording] : in the footsteps of the No. 1 ladies detective with Alexander McCall Smith
DVD 972.81 Lost Lost king of the Maya [videorecording]
DVD 973.52 War War of 1812 [videorecording] : a 4-part documentary series
DVD 978.2 Beef Beef state [videorecording].
DVD 981 Charcoal The charcoal people of Brazil [videorecording]
DVD Angels Angels & demons [videorecording]
DVD Angels Angels & demons [videorecording]
DVD Angels Angels & demons [videorecording]
DVD Big Big shot$ [videorecording].
DVD Bring Bring it on. Fight to the finish [videorecording]
DVD Brothers The brothers Bloom [videorecording]
DVD Bruno Bruno [videorecording]
DVD Bruno Bruno [videorecording]
DVD Cheri Cheri [videorecording]
DVD Dance Dance flick [videorecording]
DVD Dance Dance flick [videorecording]
DVD Electric Electric blanket [videorecording].
DVD Girlfriend The girlfriend experience [videorecording]
DVD Grey's Season 5 Grey's anatomy. Season five [videorecording]
DVD House Season 5 House M.D. Season five [videorecording]
DVD Is Is anybody there? [videorecording]
DVD Julius Julius Caesar [videorecording]
DVD Lemon Etz Limon [videorecording] = Lemon tree
DVD Life Life according to Agfa [videorecording]
DVD Martian Ray Bradbury's the Martian chronicles [videorecording]
DVD Mulan Mulan II [videorecording]
DVD Nightmare A nightmare on Elm Street [videorecording]
DVD Norma Norma Rae [videorecording]
DVD Observe Observe and report [videorecording]
DVD Papillon Papillon [videorecording]
DVD Proposal The proposal [videorecording]
DVD Proposal The proposal [videorecording]
DVD Rebecca Rebecca [videorecording]
DVD Star Star trek [videorecording]
DVD Star Star trek [videorecording]
DVD Star Star trek [videorecording]
DVD Superman Superman
DVD Taking The taking of Pelham 1 2 3 [videorecording]
DVD Taking The taking of Pelham 1 2 3 [videorecording]
DVD To To Wong Foo, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar [videorecording]
DVD Transformers Transformers. Revenge of the Fallen [videorecording]
DVD Transformers Transformers. Revenge of the Fallen [videorecording]
DVD Twelve Twelve o'clock high [videorecording]
DVD Ugly The ugly truth [videorecording]
DVD Ugly The ugly truth [videorecording]
DVD Up Up [videorecording]
DVD Up Up [videorecording]
DVD Up Up [videorecording]
DVD Wild Wild dogs [videorecording]
RENTAL DVD Star trek [videorecording]