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Needham Master Trails Plan
Master Trails Plan
Appendix A, public trail maps, appendix D, and trail maintenance maps have been provided below.

Trail Maps

Proposed ADA Trail at Needham Reservoir
The ADA Trail at Needham Reservoir is proposed to replace and expand an existing poorly maintained dirt path that presently wraps around the Town’s decommissioned reservoir. This reservoir and associated trail are presently used for boating, fishing, bird watching, hiking, and snowshoeing. In May 2013, the Town Meeting voted to appropriate fund to design an ADA compliant trail around the reservoir for recreation. The Town of Needham Trails Master Plan (dated November 2008) identifies the ADA Accessible Trail at Needham Reservoir as a goal for the expansion/improvement of trails within the Town of Needham.

On January 15, 2015, a public workshop was held to solicit information and suggestions pertaining to the proposed ADA Trail at Needham Reservoir.The powerpoint presentation on the project is posted HERE. If you have any comments on the presentation or the proposed project, please submit them via email to Matthew Varrell, Director of Conservation at . Thank you for your input.