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Teeth and Tooth Fairy
J Picture Book
Bate, Lucy. Little Rabbit’s Loose Tooth.
When Little Rabbit's loose tooth finally comes out, she isn't convinced that the tooth fairy will really come.

Bowen, Anne. Tooth Fairy’s First Night.
When Little Rabbit's loose tooth finally comes out, she isn't convinced that the tooth
fairy will really come.

Brown, Marc Tolon. Arthur’s Tooth.
Arthur, tired of being the only one in his class who still has all his baby teeth, waits impatiently for his loose tooth to fall out.

Collington, Peter. The Tooth Fairy.
A resourceful tooth fairy goes to great lengths when a little girl loses a tooth.

Diakité, Penda. I Lost My Tooth in Africa.
While visiting her father's family in Mali, a young girl loses a tooth, places it under a calabash, and receives a hen and a rooster from the African Tooth Fairy.

Hobbie, Holly. Toot and Puddle: Charming Opal.
When his cousin Opal loses a tooth during a visit, Puddle dresses as the Tooth Fairy so that Opal's hope of receiving a shiny quarter will not be disappointed.

MacDonald, Amy. Cousin Ruth’s Tooth.
When little Cousin Ruth loses a tooth, the whole Fister family is in a dither.

Margolin, Harriett. The Good-Day Bunnies Tooth Day.
Becky Bunny is jealous when her twin brother Bumper loses his first tooth before she does.

Middleton, Charlotte. Tabitha’s Terrifically Tough Tooth.
A young girl tries everything she can think of to make her loose tooth fall out in time to leave it for the Tooth Fairy.

Noll, Sally. I Have a Loose Tooth.
Molly can't get anyone to listen to her news about her loose tooth, until she finds a special way to tell her grandmother.

Olson, Mary. Nice Try, Tooth Fairy.
Hoping to get back her lost tooth, Emma writes a series of letters to the Tooth Fairy, but when the wrong teeth keep getting returned the mistakes create complications.

J Easy Reader
Chardiet, Bernice. Martin and the Tooth Fairy.
When Martin receives more money from the Tooth Fairy than his friends at school, he offers to put their teeth under his pillow for a percentage of the profits.

Cole, Joanna. The Missing Tooth.
Best friends Arlo and Robby are almost identical in what they wear, what they like, and even where they have teeth missing, but when Robby insists on betting on who is going to lose the next tooth their friendship is endangered.

Hall, Kirsten. The Tooth Fairy.
When he loses a tooth, a young boy excitedly awaits a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Holtzman, Caren. A Quarter from the Tooth Fairy.
A boy has trouble deciding how to spend the quarter he gets from the Tooth Fairy.

McMullan, Kate. Fluffy Meets the Tooth Fairy.
When Fluffy the class guinea pig goes home with Wade for the weekend, Wade loses a tooth and Fluffy learns about the Tooth Fairy.

McNamara, Margaret. A Tooth Story.
Jaime longs to have at least one tooth missing in his first grade class picture, just like his friends, and when picture day arrives an unexpected event gives Jaime his wish.

Suen, Anastasia. Loose Tooth.
Peter can't decide if he wants his loose tooth to fall out because if it falls out, he will have a gap in his smile for the school pictures, but money from the tooth fairy will help him buy a new basketball.

J Easy Chapter
Jensen, Patsy. Loose-Tooth Luke.
When Luke and his friends find out that he is the only one who still has all his baby teeth, everyone has a suggestion for making his one loose tooth come out. (Gr. 1-3)

Klein, Abby. Tooth Trouble.
Unhappy to be the only one in his class who still has not lost a tooth, first-grader Freddy tries to find a way to expedite matters but then is faced with another problem. (Gr. 2-4)

Park, Barbara. Junie B. Jones, First Grader: Toothless Wonder.
Junie B. Jones learns some interesting things about the Tooth Fairy when she becomes the first student in Room One to lose an upper tooth. (Gr. 2-4)

See the Nonfiction section J 612 - 617.6 for books about teeth hygiene and going to the dentist.