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Early Colonial Settlers
These books and online sources are a good place to start your research:

These are books that are always in the library:
  • Colonial America (1998) - Alphabetically arranged entries examine individual people, places, and events during the Colonial period. J Reference 973.2 C (10 volumes)

These are books you can borrow:
  • Soldiers, Cavaliers, and Planters: Settlers of the Southeastern Colonies, Doherty, Kieran - Discusses the lives of nine people who were responsible for the founding or fostering the growth of settlements in the colonial American South. J 975 D
  • In the Middle Colonies, Kent, Deborah - Discusses the history, social life, and customs of the various immigrant groups who settled in the middle colonies during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. J 974.02 K
  • 1607: A New Look at Jamestown, Lange, Karen E. - Describes life in the Jamestown colony and offers a new look at the people and culture of the colony thanks to recent archaeological evidence. J 973.21 L
  • A Plymouth Partnership: Pilgrims and Native AmericansWhitehurst, Susan - Examines the ways in which the Wampanoags helped the Pilgrims after they arrived in Cape Cod. J 974.4 W
  • The Mayflower CompactYero, Judith Lloyd - Discusses the Pilgrims' voyage to Plymouth, Massachusetts, and the colony they established after their arrival, aided by Native Americans and governed by an agreement called the Mayflower Compact. J 974.482 Y

Online Resources
  • Colonial AmericaPresents brief historical stories about people and events from the Colonial period, as well as a timeline.
  • You are the HistorianLearn about the First Thanksgiving through an interactive investigation.